Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tiny Task

So I have mentioned before how husb gets a lil stressed when I ask him to do a task he thinks he can't do. Things like taking a picture of ourselves or painting one of my nails for me on my right hand. He doesn't have a panick attack or anything he just gets a little tense and you can tell he just wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Then he focuses like he is about to run through the tunnel to play in the superbowl and gets it done. It's pretty friggin cute if you ask me. Because I'm talking about tiny tasks that I know he is fully capable of doing...and doing really well.

Well today I gave him a task- it was to give the Houshie pup a bath! The funny thing...that wasn't any problem for him. He took puppin right in, filled the bath tub, even used a cup to rinse the soap off his head and lovingly told Housh to close his eyes for it (which he obvi didn't do ). So the tiny task came a couple hours later when I went in to shower. I noticed Houshies collar hanging on the shower rod which Chris had put there to dry after the bath. So I ask Chris if he can put his collar back on and I jumped into the shower. That's when I realized it was one of those tasks that he hates.

I heard him getting focused and called for Housh to come into the bathroom. I was listening through just the shower curtain so this is what I hear....... struggling to hold Housh down....collar hitting the floor....Housh trying to get away... "I think we need a bigger collar".... Chris hit his knee on the floor....Houshie shaking.... "HOUSHIE C'MON"..... trying to snap it and failing.... "Babe I think you are gonna have to do this".... Houshie getting really restless....more struggling.... "It's not going on!!!!"..... "I think it's a two person job"....Chris changing positions... "Houshie!!!"...Houshie running out.....Collar hits the counter hard.

So I peeked out and they are both gone and the collar is thrown onto the counter. I was giggling because I knew what was happening. I yell, "You're soooo dramatic!"

A couple minutes later Chris comes in and says "Ok babe I'm going to the gym... I'll be back soon". Kiss. "Bye".

The collar is still on the counter. Laying there just symbolizing utter defeat. I guess he decided to act like that never happened.

I step out of the shower to the puppin looking up at me, wrap a towel around myself, pick up the puppin....pick up the It's on in point 5 seconds! I'm still giggling to myself.

Today Chris ran to the store by himself to buy me tampons and nothing else. THAT is an easy task for him...picked them out and went through check out with tampons. The collar...not so easy. Haha! I love my little family.


  1. the funny thing is that i cannot see that going any other way... lovin that! he he he

  2. hahah Brandon is the same way! The EASIEST things..he just struggles with. Like putting an outfit on Braxton. It's hilarious watching him get so flustered over little things. It must just be a man thing hahah. i always make Brandon buy my tampons too! lol i'm too embarassed..but he could care less ;) works perfect!

  3. don't laugh at husb i couldn't do it either


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