Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I was walking outside and there were some tweens hanging out together just talking on the sidewalk. They were pretty awkward because there were boys and girls and they are in that stage where they try to look cool all the time but you can tell even by the way they are standing that they are unsure of themselves. So I walked slowly to hear what kind of awkward conversation was going on and this is what I hear:

Kid 1: What does WWJD stand for?

Kid 2: I think it's 'Whats Wrong With Jermaine Dupri'

Kid 3: I thought it was Jesus....did you know Jesus didn't have a car!?

Kid 4: Said nothing and just tried to look like he knew what they were all talking about.

Hahahaha! Oh the awkwardness! I have no idea what was going on there but I was glad to hear that little snippet and have a lil laugh. The real funny thing is that I know I was exactly like that at one time. So glad I have grown out of that...or at least I hope I have...

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