Sunday, June 6, 2010

Does life = Jobs and Cars?

I have mentioned numerous times how our little Hayes family craves change often. This week was no exception. Apparantly we REALLY needed it this week.

First... I got a new job! Now I have 2 and 1/2! I am SO incredibly excited about my new nanny job. My other 1 and 1/2 jobs both have me working from home. I think that working from home is a terrific thing to have available to you...if you're a working mother. Since I am not a mother I needed to get out of the house. Well, my house anyway... and into someone elses!

When I decided to get another job I considered all my options and was determined to find a job I would love using my degree. The only problem was that I found that a job I could love only included playing with and taking care of kids instead of getting work done sitting at a desk. I thought I was the type that wanted to build up my pro 'desk' career but my real self told my wannabe self that I was wrong. My future 'career' goal is to be the world's best Mom so starting out in a entry level job would be a waste of my precious time since I would be quitting it before I became the uber-successful CEO.

Soooo after that longer-than-needed explanation I will say that for right now I am going to be working my dream job of taking care of Tatum 6, Parker 3, and newborn baby Jett (still a womb-dweller). It was a great job find, an awesome schedule, and it is also surprisingly the highest paying of all the jobs I was considering!

Now that I will be working away from home AND away from Chris' work we needed to expand our auto family. Which brings us to the introduction of our fresh and sexy new....

Honda Civic!! We named her Mystique!

At the beginning of the week we weren't planning on me getting a new job and we weren't even thinking of getting a new car. But we have found that as we take things as they come and build our life in faith according to our needs we become happier and live fuller lives. I can't believe what we have learned and how much has changed in exactly two months of being in Arizona. It actually makes things more exciting thinking of what could be next!

We know that in our immediate future we are going up to St. George!!! This weekend we are going up for the annual Conner family reunion. We are really looking forward to everything that is planned and to roadtrip up in our new little firecracker that gets 40 MPG!!! Can't wait!

This is proof of how excited Chris is about it...



  1. is that a tattoo on chris's arm? sexy... haha!

  2. Sexy Car! Sounds like you two are having fun. Miss you two!

  3. chris has huge armpits...I never noticed hummmm

  4. haha! you're so cute!!! congrats on the new job. it will be dang good training! sounds like it'll be a handful when the new babe comes! i heart your civic. we are about to make our second car purchase too.... scary! thanks for putting it into perspective!!!!


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