Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr.G, The Mullet and The Scrub

Oh holy morning! This morning was pretty eventful and I am feeling like I am going to need to take a lil nap today. Here's the story:

Chris and I are house/dog sitting for our cousin that lives in the area. Chris starts work at 6 am and I just leave to go home the same time that he leaves because I am the scaredy of the century and I don't like to be left alone. Especially in a 3 story house. Freaks me out. So this morning we did our normal routine. He left for work at 5:30 and I left shortly after with our stuff and the Houshie Bar puppin to head home to go back to sleep. I was so tired and so out of it and I planned to just rush home and fall into bed without even worrying about kicking my shoes off. That is what should have happened.

I'll tell you what I should not have done. I should not have decided to go into the front gate instead of the back gate...because that gave me the idea that I should stop and get the mail since I never go by the front gate because of my chronic laziness. I even thought about it once inside the gate and glanced back at my apt at least twice before finally just turning the other way and driving up to the mailboxes. So I pull up, hop out and take about 6 steps to the box, roll my eyes when the only thing I kept after I threw out all the junk was a Geico bill and headed back to the car. I pull the handle and nothing happens. All I see is Houshie sitting in my seat and staring up at me with a stupid goofy grin on his face. Yep...I was locked out of my running car by my 8 month old-7 pound dog.

He likes to hop up on the door when anyone gets out to see whats going on and sometimes that happens to be right on the lock button. I look down hoping there is magically an extra car key on the mail key ring but all I have in my hand is the mail key. My mind immediately goes into "what are my options" mode. Let's see....I can't call anyone because my phone is in the car, I can't get into my apartment because the house key is in the car, I have no way to get the number to AAA {and couldn't call if it I could}, Chris is already at work and the apt office doesn't open for 3 hours because its 6 AM! So I obvi try to get Housh to press the lock again {wouldn't anyone?}. Probably looked like an idiot dancing outside of my car and talking in a high pitched baby voice. He couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing. He just ran from one door to the other pressing the lock a billion times. But never pressing the other side to unlock {thats gotta be the first trick I teach him}.

So I realize my only option is to walk to the Walgreens on the corner to see if I can use the phone. Then I realize what I look like. I need you to realize that this is not an "I'm embarrassed I have one fingernail that is not painted" moment. This is an "I just woke up, have NO makeup on, my hair is greasy and half stuck to my face, I'm wearing one of Chris' old oversized Hollister shirts and yoga pants with no bra and I probably still have some leftover mascara under my red eyes" moment. But you do whatcha gotta do.

So I enter Walgreens and look for anyone that doesn't look like a middle aged mom that is pissed she has to leave her 5 kids to work at 6 am and would rather rip my face off than help me call my husband. Luck was on my side because instead I found a cheery Walgreens worker that had an uncanny resemblence to Mr. G from Summer Heights High (anyone who doesn't know who that is please click the whole 2 mins and thank me later). He was very concerned about me {probably because of my appearance} but thought it was the funniest thing ever that my dog locked me out and made sure everyone in the store heard the story. After a failed attempt at calling Chris' cell phone and pulling out a phone book to look up Chris' work number and getting his work VoiceMail the kind Mr. G pulled me into the back to use the manager's phone. I got Chris' cell voicemail and left another message trying to get the message across in my tone that he better be answering or he will rue this day. Next try I got him! Oh sweet victory. Husbands are so great- you can just pass the burden right along to him. He had listened to my voicemail and was already on his way! So I waited on the Walgreens street corner {i wonder how many people saw me standing on the corner, thought I was a hooker, but passed because i was so fug? Just sayin}

He pulled up in Mystique looking dashing in his dressy work outfit. Just like a prince on a white horse. Except instead of a princess people probably thought he was picking up his homeless ex step sister who had just gotten off work sorting cans at the dump. But I don't care at this point! Our problem is solved! Not so fast... it can't be that easy.

He had a key to the apt so we could just run in and get the spare Trailblazer key. Except that we couldn't find the Trailblazer key! Could've sworn it was just on that key hook...but that wouldn't do any good because it just wasn't. So we stared at the key hooks for about 10 seconds then searched the place coming up empty handed. We had a bbq spatula that was pretty long and the car door was actually kinda open because I hadn't even slammed it shut in my hurry to get the mail. You never realize how far away the lock is until something like this. Didn't work. So on to Plan B...or really plan C or D.

Chris whips out his iphone and I am talking to AAA in seconds {shoutout to my Dad who renews our AAA mem-ship every year}. They had someone on the way. Right before I get off the phone I mention that my dog is in there and the lady suddenly takes me seriously, puts me in top priority on the list and tells me she is doing everything she can and sending the fire department. I know how to get ahead in life...just mention my dog is in trouble and hope my helper is a dog person. Anyway, I tell her the fire truck is unnecessary...the car is on, the AC is blowing in his face and he's probably just dancing to the's not like a cat being stuck in a tree or anything. She didnt think I was as funny as I did.

It only took about 15 mins and the AAA truck was pulling up! We get out to talk to her/him and what steps out of the car? The greatest mullet known to man...or in this case woman with 2 teeth! I didn't even realize that she was talking until about 10 seconds in because of that glorious party on her head. I seriously love everyday life characters. It makes life so sweet! So while she did her thing I had Chris run back to our car for his phone so he could snap a pic to remember this eventful morning {no it wasn't just for the mullet..ok yes it was}.

She popped it right open and Houshie jumped into my arms so relieved. Nevermind the fact that he was sitting in the cold listening to Ke$ha on the radio. So our little family of Chris, Meliss, Houshie, Mellow and Mystique were all reunited! That was a tough hour and a half. We hung our heads in shame as Mullet Master gave us a mini lecture on getting "one of these here handy plasticky keys" that work on the door but not the ignition. Then Chris took off for work again and the pup and I returned home.

Houshie was totally milking the whole thing. When I opened the front door he ran inside and straight to his water dish where he lapped up the entire thing like he had just been rescued from being stranded in the desert. And he has been sleeping like this ever since we got home..
Drama King.

The funniest thing about this story that I wasn't sure I wanted to confess {but I will for the sake of the story} was what happened before we got home. When we were still at my cousin's getting ready to leave I opened the passenger door and put Housh with my purse and everything on the seat. I shut the door and walked around to get into my side. Houshie wanted to see where I was going and had jumped onto my door and locked it! But that time I had the keys in my hand so I just unlocked it and took off while thinking "what would I do if I'd thrown the keys in the car then walked around and he had locked that would stink". For about the next 5 minutes I thought about when I had done that before and what you do in that sitch. Haha! Little did I know I would find out about 20 mins later...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I feel like I have heard a lot of sad and inspiring stories lately. I saw this story from a post on my friend's blog. This adorable family back in Idaho just had a tragedy happen in their family when their baby girl fell into a canal and into critical condition. I loved following the story because it was very inspiring and humbling to see the family's perspective on life during a huge trial. I thought I would post a link because there was a song written about the little girl Preslee that lost her life, and downloading the song will donate a dollar to the family. Check out the story and the song HERE.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Diddies!

We are sitting here on a Sunday night eating cupcakes and listening to the thunderstorm outside. Bliss! Thunderstorms remind me of two of my favorite places...Texas and Washington. Thunder and lightning from the rad Texas storms and the rain from Washington of course. I thought this was a perfect time to blog!

No events too exciting have been going on to update you all on so I will give you some random tidbits from the lives of Chris and Melis... Warning: These are extremely boring details that no one really needs to know...but some peeps have been all over me about updating so this is whatchur gettin...

1. Lately we have been making some serious plans to get to work on some items on our bucket list.

2. I just recently learned that Chris is deathly afraid of two things: bumblebees and lightning.

3. We just bought 6 new release movies for $2.99 each! Lovin how Redbox is putting all the video stores out of business.

4. We got the A/C in our Trailblazer fixed! Yaaaaay! But not until after we went through a sickening live and learn situation that cost us $104 before getting the car fixed.

5. We borrowed a couple seasons of 24 on DVD from some friends and now we're addicted.

6. We're sleeping in our guest room because its too hot to sleep in our room...even with the AC on. It's the hottest room in the place!

7. We learned how to play Dominos and now we want to buy a set. We'll be pro in no time. We're cool.

8. I am becoming a second mom this week. The family I nanny for is probably going to have their new little guy, Jett, this week that I will be taking care of after 4 weeks.

9. I am having a weird urge to do outside activies like hike, ride bikes, and go tubbing. That's weird for me. I need to research for a good place to go camping.

Silly lil story:

The other day I was up before Chris and I was sitting on the end of the bed. I must've moved the bed because Chris was startled and completely sat up in the bed so frantically that it actually scared me for a sec. I think he was still asleep but asked {in a very frantic and worried tone}"What day is it...the what is the date today?". I immediately tried to think of what we could have forgotten about or what we were late for. Based on the way he was acting I would've guessed that we were supposed to have brunch with the President! So I answered {totally confused and just wanting to know whats wrong} "Ummm the 10th?". He was so relieved and laid back down and said, "Oh ok then... the milk expires today" {then was instantly sound asleep again}. Hahaha! Sleep talker.

So I went to the fridge and checked the milk thinking that he was just sleep talking and having some kind of dairy nightmare. But sure enough...our milk had expired that day. Just don't know why it was such a big deal :)

Hope everyone has a good week! Cheers!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Us 4 celebrating the 4th

We had such an awesome weekend! I love it when family comes into town because its something fun and it gives us something out of the ordinary to do for the holiday! So, my Dad and his girlfriend Lisa drove down from St. George for a vacation and to "see us in our domain". It was great to have them because they are just fun and positive people and they love to experience life! They were only here for 2 full days but we fit a lot into those days and made some great memories!

The morning after they arrived Lisa took me out for a little girl's time to get pedicures. So nice to be pampered and just chill out after that hectic day with the house flood the day before. That massage chair was doin work on my back. And even though I couldn't tell what the girl that was doing my pedi was saying...she was so friendly and talkative.

BeforeDad and Lisa got here I vowed to myself to take lots of pictures the whole weekend. But when we were off to get pedis I couldnt get my new camera to take a single picture. So pictures will start later.

Friday we had planned to catch a DiamondBacks game. Chris' fave MLB team is the Dodgers and that is who the DBacks were playing this weekend so we thought it was a perfect activity for the weekend. We decided to take the light rail into Phoeninx to avoid all the miseries that come with downtown driving/parking. I always think its so fun riding those things {unless you are crammed and stuck next to someone stinky and sticky...which I was on the way home}.

Chase field was awesome! I was worried about the 100+ heat and the sun sitting in a stadium for a baseball game. Thank goodness Chase field took our location into consideration. It was all closed off and AC'd.

{Dad and Lisa} {Chris and Melissa}

{not a flattering pic of some of us {ok me} but we needed one of all 4}

We had tons of snacks {which I consider to be the best part of baseball games!}. Hot dogs, peanuts, corndogs, shaved ice, cold stone, makes the game. The game got pretty ridiculous with the DBacks winning {did I mention that my Dad is a Dodger hater and my husb is a Dodger lover?} So we explored a little bit and went down to field level. All in all it was a great time and so much fun!

On lightrail on the way home I got a call from my cute cousin Emily telling me she just got engaged! I love those phone calls! So...congrats to Em and excited for you two!

When we got back home from the game we got in comfies and watched New Moon to prepare to see Eclipse the next day!

{This is helping us with our bucket list}

Saturday was jam packed! We had some delish brisket and steak for Brunch and took off to visit our wonderful Cox family in Queen Creek. I love that family so much and am so happy they live in AZ. We got to look through old pictures, visit with the Cox's and Shiflet's and have an AMAZING 4th of July worthy lunch! It seemed we had to leave too early but we had to take off to make it to see Eclipse since we figured it would be packed.

{Lisa's white cake creation!} {my mouth is watering} {Summer's Jello cake!}

We were happy that we chose the theatre we did because after they checked our tickets a second time we learned that someone from the movie was going to be there to talk to us and hand out prizes. It turned out to be Emily- the scar faced wolf girl. She wasn't really a people person I guess you could say and was kinda awkward. But it was just fun that she was there and did a little trivia game about the movie. It made it a more memorable experience. Any girls that screamed got movie posters so Lisa and I did the work on that one! Loved the so far.

{Team Edward} {Team Jacob}

{Emily from the movie}

After the movie we ran home to change and left for Scottsdale to go to the comedy club where my cousin was performing some stand up. We caught some heavy metal type music while we were waiting for the show to start {we looked a little out of place.. haha!}. But I liked it because the singer was reminding me of the way Jack Black acted in School of Rock.

The show was funny {of course}. There were about 4 opening acts and then the main act with a comic that appears on the George Lopez late night show. My cousin Alex was of course my favorite. He does the best impressions and always impresses the crowd. It was just a fun time. Good company hanging out in a fun curvy booth with wings and fries listening to comedians. I just can't beat times like that!

{The gang with Alex in the middle...before the show}

They left for San Diego the next morning to continue their vacation. We LOVED having them here! Thanks for the good times. We want visitors every weekend! So all you family that we haven't seen in a while...Hayes', Conner's, Extended fams, friends we consider is your formal invite. The visitor's wing of our place is waiting for you :)

To see all the pictures from the weekend, you can check them out on FB by clicking HERE.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just a lucky day

These are the kids I spend 6-8 hours a day with. They are really good kids and just the cutest things in the world. I have a lot of fun with the little bugs. Today was a great day...we built a fort, played pet shop, guess who, pretend...etc. was a great day...up until the last half hour. Wondering what could have happened in that half hour? Well I'll tell you...

Here is our schedule at the end of the day:

I make dinner. Kids eat. Kids go get ready for their baths while I clean dinner dishes. I give them baths. We play til I leave.

Well, when the kids got done eating dinner today I told them to go get ready for their baths (go potty & get their PJs out) and they both ran off like they always do. I finished the dishes and went in to first give little boy (I'll call him PB) his bath. Each kid's bath process takes about 15 mins with the washing and then play time and then post bath dressing and activities. These time details are important to the story...I'm not rambling.

So after both PB and TR were completely bathed (over 30 mins since dinner) I walked towards the playroom to choose a game to play. I heard what sounded like a dishwasher running and thought "that's weird I didn't turn on the dishwasher". When I walked out of the playroom I heard it again and took a couple steps forward to hear where it was coming from. I walked slowly towards the sound as it got louder and louder (for fear of what I might find). I finally got to the master bedroom...took one step in and saw water EVERYWHERE! The master bedroom had become a friggin pool with water touching all 4 walls. So I freaked out and carefully ran through the pool and into the enormous master bath. As you can imagine...the gigantic jacuzzi tub had overflown and the bathroom was under water. The huge bathroom, closet, bedroom and salon attached to the bedroom had become an ocean.

What would you do in that situation? I'll tell you what I did. Turned off the water, hauled my bootay to the towel closet and grabbed everything I could carry, all-the-while calling PB to get the heck in here. PB walked into the room and didn't even seem phased. While I, on the other hand, was covering every square inch of floor with towels and just trying to get at least the wood floors in the bedroom dry. As I am sopping up the mess I ask PB if he had any idea how this happened {there was no question in my mind that he had something to do with it}. Of course the 3 year old guy didn't even comprehend the question. He was just asking why there was water in the bedroom. I didn't have time to teach so I sent him to his room for everlasting timeout {I really just needed him out of the way so I could get into janitor mode}. TR stepped up as the older and helpful big sis and went towel hunting. She loved completing the special mission I gave her to get the water under the bed because I couldn't fit!

Cleaning up flooding is hard work! I was def working up a sweat the whole time. I was frantically doing everything I could to get all the rooms back to normal. In the meantime my Dad is calling me because he just got into town with his girlfriend and they were at our place with no way to get into the gate.

As soon as I got the situation under control it became funny. Just thinking 'thank goodness this isn't carpet'... 'thank goodness I found it when I did'... and 'thank goodness there were monica gellar worthy amounts of towels up in there'.

I had TR go to the other side of the house to check on PB in timeout and to get info on when and why this occured. She came back with a full report "he said when you told us it was bathtime he just decided he wanted to give his toys a bath in there" {while shrugging her shoulders like that's totally normal}. So about 45 mins ago...while I was doing the dishes...he ran into his parents bathroom to turn the water on FULL BLAST... because he thought that would be a good place for his toys to bathe....and never told anyone or turned it off.

PB still doesn't know he did it.

That was kick-off to the weekend. But it got better. You know when you get incredibly hot AFTER the activity you are doing? Like when you're on the treadmill and once you stop running your heart rate goes up. Well I was wearing jeans because inside the house its always really cold from the AC. But once I was leaving...half of me was wet from the water that drenched me while I was on my hands and knees, and the other half of my body was wet from me sweating because of all my hard work. I just wanted to hurry home to greet my company. So I got into my car to drive the 20 mins home and my trusty trailbeezy's AC decides to just not turn on. It was literally 111 degrees outside, I was already sweating and now I had to drive home at the hottest time of the day with no AC...and I was wearing skinny jeans.

So as I was explaining the details of the unluckiest hour of my life to Husbee on my drive home over the phone I had my phone just stuck to my face from the sweat. I told him "if I ever say I am hot again just remind me of this moment right now...this moment in my 24 years of life will forever go down in history as the hottest I have ever been." It was 111 degrees outside and when I got home I stepped out of the car and felt the outside air hit me like it was a cold fan...thats how hot it was in there.

There is a happy ending to this story. I got to peel off my drenched clothes and get into comfies. Chris brought me a huge cup of ice cold blue gatorade. Dad and Lisa arrive carrying Chili's chips and queso. And we have an awesome weekend planned. Gotta love it!