Monday, July 5, 2010

Us 4 celebrating the 4th

We had such an awesome weekend! I love it when family comes into town because its something fun and it gives us something out of the ordinary to do for the holiday! So, my Dad and his girlfriend Lisa drove down from St. George for a vacation and to "see us in our domain". It was great to have them because they are just fun and positive people and they love to experience life! They were only here for 2 full days but we fit a lot into those days and made some great memories!

The morning after they arrived Lisa took me out for a little girl's time to get pedicures. So nice to be pampered and just chill out after that hectic day with the house flood the day before. That massage chair was doin work on my back. And even though I couldn't tell what the girl that was doing my pedi was saying...she was so friendly and talkative.

BeforeDad and Lisa got here I vowed to myself to take lots of pictures the whole weekend. But when we were off to get pedis I couldnt get my new camera to take a single picture. So pictures will start later.

Friday we had planned to catch a DiamondBacks game. Chris' fave MLB team is the Dodgers and that is who the DBacks were playing this weekend so we thought it was a perfect activity for the weekend. We decided to take the light rail into Phoeninx to avoid all the miseries that come with downtown driving/parking. I always think its so fun riding those things {unless you are crammed and stuck next to someone stinky and sticky...which I was on the way home}.

Chase field was awesome! I was worried about the 100+ heat and the sun sitting in a stadium for a baseball game. Thank goodness Chase field took our location into consideration. It was all closed off and AC'd.

{Dad and Lisa} {Chris and Melissa}

{not a flattering pic of some of us {ok me} but we needed one of all 4}

We had tons of snacks {which I consider to be the best part of baseball games!}. Hot dogs, peanuts, corndogs, shaved ice, cold stone, makes the game. The game got pretty ridiculous with the DBacks winning {did I mention that my Dad is a Dodger hater and my husb is a Dodger lover?} So we explored a little bit and went down to field level. All in all it was a great time and so much fun!

On lightrail on the way home I got a call from my cute cousin Emily telling me she just got engaged! I love those phone calls! So...congrats to Em and excited for you two!

When we got back home from the game we got in comfies and watched New Moon to prepare to see Eclipse the next day!

{This is helping us with our bucket list}

Saturday was jam packed! We had some delish brisket and steak for Brunch and took off to visit our wonderful Cox family in Queen Creek. I love that family so much and am so happy they live in AZ. We got to look through old pictures, visit with the Cox's and Shiflet's and have an AMAZING 4th of July worthy lunch! It seemed we had to leave too early but we had to take off to make it to see Eclipse since we figured it would be packed.

{Lisa's white cake creation!} {my mouth is watering} {Summer's Jello cake!}

We were happy that we chose the theatre we did because after they checked our tickets a second time we learned that someone from the movie was going to be there to talk to us and hand out prizes. It turned out to be Emily- the scar faced wolf girl. She wasn't really a people person I guess you could say and was kinda awkward. But it was just fun that she was there and did a little trivia game about the movie. It made it a more memorable experience. Any girls that screamed got movie posters so Lisa and I did the work on that one! Loved the so far.

{Team Edward} {Team Jacob}

{Emily from the movie}

After the movie we ran home to change and left for Scottsdale to go to the comedy club where my cousin was performing some stand up. We caught some heavy metal type music while we were waiting for the show to start {we looked a little out of place.. haha!}. But I liked it because the singer was reminding me of the way Jack Black acted in School of Rock.

The show was funny {of course}. There were about 4 opening acts and then the main act with a comic that appears on the George Lopez late night show. My cousin Alex was of course my favorite. He does the best impressions and always impresses the crowd. It was just a fun time. Good company hanging out in a fun curvy booth with wings and fries listening to comedians. I just can't beat times like that!

{The gang with Alex in the middle...before the show}

They left for San Diego the next morning to continue their vacation. We LOVED having them here! Thanks for the good times. We want visitors every weekend! So all you family that we haven't seen in a while...Hayes', Conner's, Extended fams, friends we consider is your formal invite. The visitor's wing of our place is waiting for you :)

To see all the pictures from the weekend, you can check them out on FB by clicking HERE.

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