Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just a lucky day

These are the kids I spend 6-8 hours a day with. They are really good kids and just the cutest things in the world. I have a lot of fun with the little bugs. Today was a great day...we built a fort, played pet shop, guess who, pretend...etc. was a great day...up until the last half hour. Wondering what could have happened in that half hour? Well I'll tell you...

Here is our schedule at the end of the day:

I make dinner. Kids eat. Kids go get ready for their baths while I clean dinner dishes. I give them baths. We play til I leave.

Well, when the kids got done eating dinner today I told them to go get ready for their baths (go potty & get their PJs out) and they both ran off like they always do. I finished the dishes and went in to first give little boy (I'll call him PB) his bath. Each kid's bath process takes about 15 mins with the washing and then play time and then post bath dressing and activities. These time details are important to the story...I'm not rambling.

So after both PB and TR were completely bathed (over 30 mins since dinner) I walked towards the playroom to choose a game to play. I heard what sounded like a dishwasher running and thought "that's weird I didn't turn on the dishwasher". When I walked out of the playroom I heard it again and took a couple steps forward to hear where it was coming from. I walked slowly towards the sound as it got louder and louder (for fear of what I might find). I finally got to the master bedroom...took one step in and saw water EVERYWHERE! The master bedroom had become a friggin pool with water touching all 4 walls. So I freaked out and carefully ran through the pool and into the enormous master bath. As you can imagine...the gigantic jacuzzi tub had overflown and the bathroom was under water. The huge bathroom, closet, bedroom and salon attached to the bedroom had become an ocean.

What would you do in that situation? I'll tell you what I did. Turned off the water, hauled my bootay to the towel closet and grabbed everything I could carry, all-the-while calling PB to get the heck in here. PB walked into the room and didn't even seem phased. While I, on the other hand, was covering every square inch of floor with towels and just trying to get at least the wood floors in the bedroom dry. As I am sopping up the mess I ask PB if he had any idea how this happened {there was no question in my mind that he had something to do with it}. Of course the 3 year old guy didn't even comprehend the question. He was just asking why there was water in the bedroom. I didn't have time to teach so I sent him to his room for everlasting timeout {I really just needed him out of the way so I could get into janitor mode}. TR stepped up as the older and helpful big sis and went towel hunting. She loved completing the special mission I gave her to get the water under the bed because I couldn't fit!

Cleaning up flooding is hard work! I was def working up a sweat the whole time. I was frantically doing everything I could to get all the rooms back to normal. In the meantime my Dad is calling me because he just got into town with his girlfriend and they were at our place with no way to get into the gate.

As soon as I got the situation under control it became funny. Just thinking 'thank goodness this isn't carpet'... 'thank goodness I found it when I did'... and 'thank goodness there were monica gellar worthy amounts of towels up in there'.

I had TR go to the other side of the house to check on PB in timeout and to get info on when and why this occured. She came back with a full report "he said when you told us it was bathtime he just decided he wanted to give his toys a bath in there" {while shrugging her shoulders like that's totally normal}. So about 45 mins ago...while I was doing the dishes...he ran into his parents bathroom to turn the water on FULL BLAST... because he thought that would be a good place for his toys to bathe....and never told anyone or turned it off.

PB still doesn't know he did it.

That was kick-off to the weekend. But it got better. You know when you get incredibly hot AFTER the activity you are doing? Like when you're on the treadmill and once you stop running your heart rate goes up. Well I was wearing jeans because inside the house its always really cold from the AC. But once I was leaving...half of me was wet from the water that drenched me while I was on my hands and knees, and the other half of my body was wet from me sweating because of all my hard work. I just wanted to hurry home to greet my company. So I got into my car to drive the 20 mins home and my trusty trailbeezy's AC decides to just not turn on. It was literally 111 degrees outside, I was already sweating and now I had to drive home at the hottest time of the day with no AC...and I was wearing skinny jeans.

So as I was explaining the details of the unluckiest hour of my life to Husbee on my drive home over the phone I had my phone just stuck to my face from the sweat. I told him "if I ever say I am hot again just remind me of this moment right now...this moment in my 24 years of life will forever go down in history as the hottest I have ever been." It was 111 degrees outside and when I got home I stepped out of the car and felt the outside air hit me like it was a cold fan...thats how hot it was in there.

There is a happy ending to this story. I got to peel off my drenched clothes and get into comfies. Chris brought me a huge cup of ice cold blue gatorade. Dad and Lisa arrive carrying Chili's chips and queso. And we have an awesome weekend planned. Gotta love it!


  1. o man handled everything so great...I would have killed someone....what did the mom say?.....this is great that you recorded this for all posterity ha ha!

  2. hahah that is crazy! That must be a lot of work taking care of two kids all day! i can hardly handle one, and he can't even turn the water on in the bathtub yet;)


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