Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Diddies!

We are sitting here on a Sunday night eating cupcakes and listening to the thunderstorm outside. Bliss! Thunderstorms remind me of two of my favorite places...Texas and Washington. Thunder and lightning from the rad Texas storms and the rain from Washington of course. I thought this was a perfect time to blog!

No events too exciting have been going on to update you all on so I will give you some random tidbits from the lives of Chris and Melis... Warning: These are extremely boring details that no one really needs to know...but some peeps have been all over me about updating so this is whatchur gettin...

1. Lately we have been making some serious plans to get to work on some items on our bucket list.

2. I just recently learned that Chris is deathly afraid of two things: bumblebees and lightning.

3. We just bought 6 new release movies for $2.99 each! Lovin how Redbox is putting all the video stores out of business.

4. We got the A/C in our Trailblazer fixed! Yaaaaay! But not until after we went through a sickening live and learn situation that cost us $104 before getting the car fixed.

5. We borrowed a couple seasons of 24 on DVD from some friends and now we're addicted.

6. We're sleeping in our guest room because its too hot to sleep in our room...even with the AC on. It's the hottest room in the place!

7. We learned how to play Dominos and now we want to buy a set. We'll be pro in no time. We're cool.

8. I am becoming a second mom this week. The family I nanny for is probably going to have their new little guy, Jett, this week that I will be taking care of after 4 weeks.

9. I am having a weird urge to do outside activies like hike, ride bikes, and go tubbing. That's weird for me. I need to research for a good place to go camping.

Silly lil story:

The other day I was up before Chris and I was sitting on the end of the bed. I must've moved the bed because Chris was startled and completely sat up in the bed so frantically that it actually scared me for a sec. I think he was still asleep but asked {in a very frantic and worried tone}"What day is it...the what is the date today?". I immediately tried to think of what we could have forgotten about or what we were late for. Based on the way he was acting I would've guessed that we were supposed to have brunch with the President! So I answered {totally confused and just wanting to know whats wrong} "Ummm the 10th?". He was so relieved and laid back down and said, "Oh ok then... the milk expires today" {then was instantly sound asleep again}. Hahaha! Sleep talker.

So I went to the fridge and checked the milk thinking that he was just sleep talking and having some kind of dairy nightmare. But sure enough...our milk had expired that day. Just don't know why it was such a big deal :)

Hope everyone has a good week! Cheers!


  1. Ha ha ha ha, that story was AMAZING!!!! You two are so funny.

  2. Ha, the story about the milk expiring. By the way we love dominoes too! We were telling the Dona's that we need to teach them how to play Mexican Train with the dominoes so we'll have to invite you guys too. You're going to get hooked in no time.

  3. i don't understand how you steal all the worlds funny moments... i think you should leave some for the rest of us boringers....

  4. im lovin chris' facial hair... did he get the urge from dad's goatee?

  5. That story is too funny! Eric talks in his sleep, too. I woke up to him saying "bow-chicka-bow-wow" once while dead asleep!

  6. I am so glad that you updated your blog I was having withdrawls....................


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