Monday, August 30, 2010

Stupid flood

Flooding bathrooms seem to be a recurring theme in my life lately. I say that because of this experience and because of my experience today. The experience I speak of looks a little something like this..

Yes...that means that my bathroom flooded. The whole guest bathroom floor and the 3 feet of carpet leading up to the bathroom. Thanks toilet tank. Ever since I flooded my aunt's bathroom way back when I was a wee lil child I have had a fear of flooding toilets. They terrify me.

Please let this week get better.

not made to be a bowler

So this past weekend the husb, the bro and I wanted to get out and do something a lil diff than the norm. So we decided to go throw some horribly heavy balls down the slippery runway at the Chandler Lanes bowling alley! We decided to get the super cool wristbands that allow 3 hours of unlimited bowling games. To make things exciting I brilliantly suggest that we put a type of non-monetary wager on each game. Keep in mind that I SUGGESTED IT! Here is what we came up with:

Game 1: Loser makes Sunday dinner
Game 2: Winner chooses what's for Sunday dinner
Game 3: Loser cleans dinner dishes
Game 4: Winner chooses Dessert
Game 5: Loser makes Dessert
Game 6: Loser eggs a pedestrian on the side of the street {obvs Scottee's idea}

I haven't been bowling since I was on a bowling league at BYU-I over 2 years ago! But Chris hadn't been bowling since his bowling class over a year ago and Scottee claims its one thing he has always been horrible at... so I feel safe. {sorry about the crappy cell phone cam is broken again}

liar. way better than he claims.

Champ. Won the majority of games.

It was a grand time out at the alley BUT ... guess what I was doing all Sunday afternoon....?
I lost every single game and bowled my worst game of all time. So is what I did Sunday afternoon:

Made spaghetti and homemade meatballs
Made brownies and ice cream
Cleaned the whole kitchen
Did NOT egg anyone....that's where I draw the line :)

I will not ever be suggesting wagers when it comes to any type of game against those two. Unless its something like a handstand competition in the pool or walking in heels...I'm awesome at that! ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Melt... heart. Goodness could I not just want to squeeze these two to death when I find them cuddling on the couch wearing matching Oregon State Jerseys?! Love and cuteness at its finest.

grocery day

My favorite {and only} brother Scottee is staying with us for a while. So I have recruited the boy as my errand running partner...which is fantast because I don't like doing anything alone and I often had to get things done while Chris was at work. So this week Scottee Potty and I went grocery shopping. Chris loved this because he didn't have to do the shopping work and he came home to a stocked kitchen!

Scottee isn't used to grocery shopping. In fact, he told me while we were in the store that this was the first time he was getting his own cart full of groceries and not just buying one meal at a time. We split up momentarily so I could go grab my own cart. When I finally track him down again, I was surprised to find that he was already half done filling his cart with two of his major food groups....

The empty space was later filled with giant amounts of steak and bacon. I'm so proud!

loves me

I had one of those days on my last day of work this week. That kind of day when you look in the mirror and BAH-BAM{!} your roots seem to have taken over your head overnight {you un-natural hair dyers know what I'm talkin bout}. It was too bad to ignore. It's like the feeling an OCD person gets when they know that one cupboard door in the kitchen was left wide open. You can't do anything before its taken care of. So I scanned all of my options and decided to go with a hat. It felt like a fitted tee and hat kind of day anyway. So I capped off my nappy roots with a camo delight, pulled the scraggly bottom half into a low messy bun and headed to work.

Lil boy PB loves me. He is wild as soon as I get there and jumps all over me ready to play. This day I walk in and he was extremely reserved. Staring at me like he didn't know what to do about the freakish foreign object that has taken over my noggin. I'm thinkin "oh no..he hates it..or he doesn't even recognize who I am...or he is embarrassed to be seen with me because I look hideous!!!!!!!!". But he did come up and just hold onto my leg..which is what he does when he doesn't want me to leave so I just think "whatev..he'll just have to get used to it".

He acts this way for about 20 mins and we just begin playin legos....building a freakin amazing castle with a bridge. While I am playing architect and getting way to into it, he sneaks out and I figure he's getting his beloved goldfishies. He walks back in a minute later wearing...get this....a cute little hat {!} ...and just picks up where he left off with the castle clearly showing he doesn't want me to ask about it. I couldn't help but sneak a smile.

Later his sister told me that she asked him why he was wearing a hat {because he never does} and he told her its because he wants to be like me!!!!!! Awwwwww....He loves me! Had to snap a pic. Oh..and don't worry...I have a hair appt set for tomorrow!

Monday, August 23, 2010

man cave

This week we've been watching my cousin's kids while her and her husband are vacationing in Hawaii! One boy (C) and one girl (T). The second day we were here the 3 boys {husb, bro and cuz} went and bought the new Madden 11 game. It was all cool at first...them playing in the superbowl and T and I hanging out doing girl things. Then T had to leave for the weekend and I found myself in a man cave for the next couple days... staring at this...

But I love those guys and it's been a good time. We found a new pizza place we love...

And I get to be with these cute boys everyday...

Life is good!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The SPose Trip

My Saint George trip was rad!
{Dad always brings us our fave chocolatey treats}

3 of my 4 sibs were there! Scottee looks like friggin gorilla arms. We had a great time preparing for the booth, having scorpion wars, laying out by the pool, shopping, dying Kay and Kimmie's hairs, staring at polygamists, etcetcetc....

{These give me the creepy crawlies}

When Pops finally got there we went out to lunch with him and Lisa (Troys BBQ...where you get to WRITE ON THE WALLS....we were excited about it ok...) and the Dino Tracks Spot. Even though you are looking at 200 million year old fossils and the place is run by peeps old enough to have been running with the was poppin. We made friends with a gecko...until Kailey "accidentally" made his tail come off and it continued to flop around in her hand....

And we obvs learned a lot of amazing things... like the first alligators on earth had hind legs like a greyhound and could run on land really fast {scariest creature imaginable....for those who don't know, alligators slash crocodiles are my biggest fear}

We also had a great competitive game of character catch phrase that night with Dad, Lisa, Kimmie, Scottee, Kailey and Myself. One for the books people!

Starting Saturday we gave our life to the fair. It was a ton of work but everyone pitched in their time and effort to help out. And by that I mean that everyone showed up acting like they wanted to help but really just went to other fair attractions...other booths, rides, etc. Halfway jk-ing! Everyone was awesome.

{Here is our booth and our home of 4 days...check out more pics on the SPose blog here}

Kimmie and I were there for about 12 hours a day for 4 days. It was a good time to chat, check out other booths, sell sell sell, make friends, take pics and what not. Some of our good memories include making friends with our neighbor booth Darling Divas and getting free glitter toes, the big man that resembled Mr. Crabs from Spongebob stopping by our booth twice a day, getting tasered for fun, rides, PowerBands, having visitors {Dad and Lisa bringing us ribs and congs!}, fair food and people watching! Chris' brother Dan and his good friend and Chris' grandparents came to see me at the fair, which was a highlight for me! It was overall a grrrrreat time and we felt so supported by everyone.

{3 workin sisties...Kailey actually just looked for boys to flirt with the whole time...she's 16 what can you expect? 3/4ths kidding}

The gang before we took off to Vegas to go school clothes shopping {yay!} and get dropped off at the airport to face delays and annoyances {boo}. Good times!

To see all the pics check out my FB album HERE.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Boys

Exactly 2 years ago today {on 8-8-08} Chris got down on one knee as my boyfriend, stood up as my fiance and promised to be my husband forever! Best day ever! Here's to our engagement anniversary bunce! I'll be eating chocolate the entire plane ride to Vegas to celebrate.

{This pic taken right after we got engaged!}

I am taking off for the week. But I wanted a post about my two boys because I will miss them so much. two boys. Aside from giving me unconditional love and making my life complete I really love my boys for just making me laugh...

Exhibit A

It's no secret that Chris talks in his sleep. It is extremely entertaining for me. I crack up when it happens and then the next day when I tell him about it I laugh even harder...usually not even getting the story out. I have a lot of stories but here's the sleeptalk of the week...

{Chris suddenly sits up in his sleep...eyes closed...waving both hands in front of him very quickly as if he is warding of a ferocious animal}

Chris: No no NOOOO no!

Melissa: Babe....wake up...its're just dreaming.

Chris: {Responds very annoyed like I was insane for suggesting such a thing} Oh yeah?...then why is there OUTLINE....of uh.... uh uh a creature... RIGHT OVER THERE? {shouts that last part as if to warn me to run and stretches his arm as far as it can go to point to the corner of the completely empty room}

{I start crackin and bustin up because of how serious and worried he was....he's usually really out of it}

Me: What kind of creature?

Chris: {lays back down..eyes still closed} I don't know probably an endangered species of some sort..............{long pause} like a bison...... {sound asleep}.


Exhibit B:

So I don't take Houshie to my nanny job with me now that there is an infant child in my care. And that lil chub has to be let out every 4 hours or else he will piddle and diddle all over the place. So I absolutely HAVE to take him out right before I leave for the day and then Chris takes him out when he's home for his lunch break.

The other day I was running late and I knew I couldn't be because I had to stop and get gas and the Nanny Mom had to be at a Dr.'s appointment. So I was all ready...outfit, hair, makeup...with purse in hand. And opened the front door to leave when I glanced back and saw the mini black and white chewbacca asking me {with his eyes and blank stare} if I was gonna forget all about him and just leave. I thought for a sec about just putting him in the laundry room and letting him leave a few stinky pebbles for Chris to pick up when he was home for lunch. Instead I uggghhed and let the Poosher come outside with me to potty really quick so I could be on my way. On the way down the stairs I told him he only gets 2.5 seconds or he gets no treat.

We have a rather large grassy knoll, if you will, right outside and the pup usually just stops just inside the grass boundary lines to squat and then runs in for his aforementioned treat.

On this particular day he decides to take his time and stroll through the green pasture until he finds a spot to his liking which happens to be as close to the exact center of the knoll as you can get. He takes the longest pee of his life and at the exact second that he is about to stop I hear a horrible noise. You know when the sprinklers are about to start and you hear that gushing squirt of the water escaping for the first time? So I think " he will be all wet and make the laundry room smell all nast" but "oh well...whatcanyado?". I expect him to run out as soon as the first drop hit him because he HATES water. But on this "i'm in a hurry" day he decides to be weird.

He didn't move a muscle. He started getting drenched and he stayed absolutely as still as can be. And to make it worse, he was staring at me. I mean eyes were locked. He stood in the middle of the grassy knoll getting sopping smelly dog wet with 5 sprinklers hitting him and stared at me as if to say "I know you're about to leave me for the day so I am going to stand right here until you come and pick me and my straggly wet fur up allthewhile getting you and your fresh 'ready for work' outfit drenched so you will have to change and be even more late for work".

So I tried everything to get him out of there. Patted my knees. I tried calling in my high dog friendly voice. I tried telling him he will get extra treats. And I tried acting like I wouldn't be mad once he got to me. He called my bluff and stood his ground. It was creepy. I got that feeling I get when I see little children in scary movies. You know what I'm talking about...? How they somehow make a lil kid singing a kid song seem scarier than a giant faceless psycho serial killer?

So I decided to fall back on my last resort and run. Yes I did look like an idiot...thanks for asking. If you start running he will always follow because it gets him excited. Sometimes I even just run from the kitchen to the couch just to see him get excited and then act like I fell asleep to see him thoroughly confused. So I ran from the sidewalk to the stairs without looking back. That's a good distance and where I ended up I couldn't even see the knoll anymore. At the stairs I expect to see him by my side but I was all alone. Dun dun duuuunnnnnn. So I hesitantly walk back and find exactly what I was scared of. HE WAS STILL IN THE SAME EXACT SPOT BUT HAD HIS HEAD TURNED LOOKING AT ME. Freaky dog. He was soggy and the water was still hitting him. I couldn't handle it anymore. I was late and now I was getting scared. I had no choice. I waited until the moment I would get the least wet and ran in to grab him.

Yes I got wet. No I didn't change. Yes I was late. No he didn't apologize. Rude.

But who got the last laugh? Well I didn't give him his treat BUT when I got home and Chris was at the gym I opened the laundry room door and there he was with an innocent look on his face and two doodles right next to him that he knew I would have to clean up. Well played Houshington. Well played.

You be the judge.

{Perfect representative of them} {♥}

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New News

I thought I needed to sneak in an update since I've been storytelling so much and we gotta keeps our peeps that are far away "in the know"! We have had a lot of stuff going on and we're loving every minute of it because it makes us feel like we have a life. Most things keeping us busy are the boring snoring everyday obligations so I will just run the highlight reel of the past week or so....

We both got new church callings that we are excited about! Chris will be teaching Sunday School to the 16-18 year olds and I will be serving on the Ward Activities Committee...and making treats for his Sunday School Class ;)

I am getting ready to leave for an entire week without my boys. I'm already having anxiety about the whole thing because a week will be the longest I have been away from either of them since we met! I'm not even talking dating stage...but since we met period. I will be taking my talents to St. George for the week for a Sassy Pose booth event...strictly business {but also to hang out with my fam and go shopping in Vegas..maybe hit up a ride or 5}

We have decided to expand our household. And by that I mean that Scottee Potty is coming to live with us! My lil {in age not in height} bro is coming to partake of the land of the Zonies for a time. He is the best and we are so excited to have him and Stanley here {Stanley is his alter ego that comes out when he is in a good mood that we named because he was so hilarious}

Me and Scottee Boy! {and in case you're wondering what I'm doing...I am so obviously imitating the fighting Irish Lepruchaun}

{Scottee doesn't seem to see the resemblence...but I think we're pretty much twins.}

I have been taking care of 2 week old baby Jett and I love it! Except that today he threw up his entire formulated lunch and it shot out of his nose! But I still adore all babies. He obvs doesn't do much yet but I could stare at him doing his little wigglies and yawns all day.

We actually have made some friends here {I sound surprised because I don't know that we've have friends that weren't family since we got married}! So far we have had some really fun dinners, game nights, double date nights, etc. We absolutely love having people our age in our ward here and are having a great time getting to know new people with fun personalities!

We are getting ready to paint and redecorate as soon as I get back from my trip. Chris actually doesn't fully know the extent of my plans yet. But my creative needs are bursting at the seems of the bag they have been stuffed in since we are in an apartment that was pre-painted and we don't have room to entertain or throw celebrations of any kind. So my creative outlet arrow is pointing at the living room and its walls. This should be fun!

That's the new news. Kiss kiss hug hug to everyone and thanks for being our peeps!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's bananas

You know that moment when you wake up suddenly and you realize that you have fallen asleep somewhere that you didn't plan to? I don't mean like on a ride at Disneyworld or in the chair at a tattoo shop. I mean somewhere in your house. Like the couch or laying on the floor...sometimes the bathtub. Well that's one of my worst feelings because it always goes something like this...

jolt awake...where am I?...oh, I'm on the couch...what time is it....2 am....dang, I still need to get ready for bed and change into Pjs...and I still have to make husb a lunch for tomorrow.....ohhhh I don't want to get up so bad....I wish I could teleport myself straight to bed...ok I have to get up.....1,2,3...go.

Then I have to get up to get everything done that I put off doing allthewhile being completely delirious and halfway dreaming. So last night that happened to me. It was one of those off nights. We had waffles for dinner, my lil fluffernutter threw up on the carpet 3 times and I put Chris to sleep early because he was "too treepy"... then went to work on some SP stuff for just a lil minute. Before long OUT... I had fallen asleep on the couch and had to be jolted awake by my internal "you still need to brush your teeth" clock.

You know when you're in that delirious state and everything seems just hilarious? Things that should not be funny. Like stubbing your toe or accidentally spraying your kitchen sink sprayer everywhere or even just the way a crooked picture frame looks hanging limp on the wall {you all think I get high don't you?}

I had one of those last night. I got up and mumbled grouchily to myself {ok I was actually semi-singing the words to the Hannah Montana song that was stuck in my head} as I went to change into my pee-jays. Then I told myself out loud that I needed to brush my face and wash my teeth {I told you I was out of it}. And finished up by packing Chris a lunch for the next day.

Well my middle of the night muscles were faulty and I didn't push the oversized plastic bag with all of his lunch goodies far enough into the fridge before letting the door start to swing shut. The bag toppled over the edge and I reached my foot out to stop the door so I could grab the goods before it shut. I obviously had a little slip/stumble moment {because its me} and found myself in a right leg lunge position with both hands on the floor keeping myself up. But my knee had the fridge door open and that is when my deliriousness kicked in full force right in my gut.

I saw just a single banana hanging on to the plastic bag handle for dear life. I mean he had made up his mind and he was not going to leave all the other lunch items that he had become so close to in the last 5 mins. So he just hung there. It immediately became the funniest thing I had ever beheld in my 24 years on this earth and I started laughing so hard that my ducts teared to the fullest capacity.

I obvs grabbed my phone to snap a pic so that when I told Chris the story today he would be able to laugh with me. I even snuck a second and third glance at the photo of the suicidal banan right before I went to bed so I would have funny dreams. Not until this morning when I woke up to scope out the picture and relive the hilarity did I realize that it actually wasn't funny at all. It's a banana. And if I really want to evaluate my life {as I should} I would realize that I didn't need to cause that situation at all. Why did I go all balistic and fling myself to the fridge like it was my IPOD or cell phone that was about to shatter into a million pieces? If it had hit then I could pick it up, put it back on the shelf and walk normally to the bedroom like a regular human. But I guess that is what makes me abnormal and if that's what it takes to have my days filled with laughter then so be it. I can't regret it.

I know you are wondering so I will kindly share the photo and you judge for the trapeze nana a cause for laughter and merriment...or simply a 2 am fumble gone wrong?
Either way...I love that lil banana for bringing unneccessary laughter to my life. Poor little guy...that was traumatic. I think I will call him lucky....until he gets eaten this afternoon.