Sunday, August 29, 2010

grocery day

My favorite {and only} brother Scottee is staying with us for a while. So I have recruited the boy as my errand running partner...which is fantast because I don't like doing anything alone and I often had to get things done while Chris was at work. So this week Scottee Potty and I went grocery shopping. Chris loved this because he didn't have to do the shopping work and he came home to a stocked kitchen!

Scottee isn't used to grocery shopping. In fact, he told me while we were in the store that this was the first time he was getting his own cart full of groceries and not just buying one meal at a time. We split up momentarily so I could go grab my own cart. When I finally track him down again, I was surprised to find that he was already half done filling his cart with two of his major food groups....

The empty space was later filled with giant amounts of steak and bacon. I'm so proud!

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