Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's bananas

You know that moment when you wake up suddenly and you realize that you have fallen asleep somewhere that you didn't plan to? I don't mean like on a ride at Disneyworld or in the chair at a tattoo shop. I mean somewhere in your house. Like the couch or laying on the floor...sometimes the bathtub. Well that's one of my worst feelings because it always goes something like this...

jolt awake...where am I?...oh, I'm on the couch...what time is it....2 am....dang, I still need to get ready for bed and change into Pjs...and I still have to make husb a lunch for tomorrow.....ohhhh I don't want to get up so bad...so bad....I wish I could teleport myself straight to bed...ok I have to get up.....1,2,3...go.

Then I have to get up to get everything done that I put off doing allthewhile being completely delirious and halfway dreaming. So last night that happened to me. It was one of those off nights. We had waffles for dinner, my lil fluffernutter threw up on the carpet 3 times and I put Chris to sleep early because he was "too treepy"... then went to work on some SP stuff for just a lil minute. Before long OUT... I had fallen asleep on the couch and had to be jolted awake by my internal "you still need to brush your teeth" clock.

You know when you're in that delirious state and everything seems just hilarious? Things that should not be funny. Like stubbing your toe or accidentally spraying your kitchen sink sprayer everywhere or even just the way a crooked picture frame looks hanging limp on the wall {you all think I get high don't you?}

I had one of those last night. I got up and mumbled grouchily to myself {ok I was actually semi-singing the words to the Hannah Montana song that was stuck in my head} as I went to change into my pee-jays. Then I told myself out loud that I needed to brush my face and wash my teeth {I told you I was out of it}. And finished up by packing Chris a lunch for the next day.

Well my middle of the night muscles were faulty and I didn't push the oversized plastic bag with all of his lunch goodies far enough into the fridge before letting the door start to swing shut. The bag toppled over the edge and I reached my foot out to stop the door so I could grab the goods before it shut. I obviously had a little slip/stumble moment {because its me} and found myself in a right leg lunge position with both hands on the floor keeping myself up. But my knee had the fridge door open and that is when my deliriousness kicked in full force right in my gut.

I saw just a single banana hanging on to the plastic bag handle for dear life. I mean he had made up his mind and he was not going to leave all the other lunch items that he had become so close to in the last 5 mins. So he just hung there. It immediately became the funniest thing I had ever beheld in my 24 years on this earth and I started laughing so hard that my ducts teared to the fullest capacity.

I obvs grabbed my phone to snap a pic so that when I told Chris the story today he would be able to laugh with me. I even snuck a second and third glance at the photo of the suicidal banan right before I went to bed so I would have funny dreams. Not until this morning when I woke up to scope out the picture and relive the hilarity did I realize that it actually wasn't funny at all. It's a banana. And if I really want to evaluate my life {as I should} I would realize that I didn't need to cause that situation at all. Why did I go all balistic and fling myself to the fridge like it was my IPOD or cell phone that was about to shatter into a million pieces? If it had hit then I could pick it up, put it back on the shelf and walk normally to the bedroom like a regular human. But I guess that is what makes me abnormal and if that's what it takes to have my days filled with laughter then so be it. I can't regret it.

I know you are wondering so I will kindly share the photo and you judge for yourself...is the trapeze nana a cause for laughter and merriment...or simply a 2 am fumble gone wrong?
Either way...I love that lil banana for bringing unneccessary laughter to my life. Poor little guy...that was traumatic. I think I will call him lucky....until he gets eaten this afternoon.


  1. Diet Pepsi? wha... I thought it was hilarious!

  2. hahaha i am so glad you posted the picture that is so funny!

  3. Okay is there something wrong with me cuz when i read this i thought it was the funniest thing ever and i even started crying and i'm not even tired. Then i just feel stupid when you say the next day it wasn't even funny cuz i think it still is haha. But i miss your tired loopiness!!! love it(:

  4. I think it is hilarious!!! I laughed just cause I've seen you like that before so you know it funny!

  5. OH MELISSA!!! How i miss you! you are so funny!!!

  6. I am dying of laughter...you having that experience is the funniest thing of all...you crack me up...I realize how much I miss laughing with you every day........ thanks for the pic too!


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