Sunday, August 29, 2010

loves me

I had one of those days on my last day of work this week. That kind of day when you look in the mirror and BAH-BAM{!} your roots seem to have taken over your head overnight {you un-natural hair dyers know what I'm talkin bout}. It was too bad to ignore. It's like the feeling an OCD person gets when they know that one cupboard door in the kitchen was left wide open. You can't do anything before its taken care of. So I scanned all of my options and decided to go with a hat. It felt like a fitted tee and hat kind of day anyway. So I capped off my nappy roots with a camo delight, pulled the scraggly bottom half into a low messy bun and headed to work.

Lil boy PB loves me. He is wild as soon as I get there and jumps all over me ready to play. This day I walk in and he was extremely reserved. Staring at me like he didn't know what to do about the freakish foreign object that has taken over my noggin. I'm thinkin "oh no..he hates it..or he doesn't even recognize who I am...or he is embarrassed to be seen with me because I look hideous!!!!!!!!". But he did come up and just hold onto my leg..which is what he does when he doesn't want me to leave so I just think "whatev..he'll just have to get used to it".

He acts this way for about 20 mins and we just begin playin legos....building a freakin amazing castle with a bridge. While I am playing architect and getting way to into it, he sneaks out and I figure he's getting his beloved goldfishies. He walks back in a minute later wearing...get this....a cute little hat {!} ...and just picks up where he left off with the castle clearly showing he doesn't want me to ask about it. I couldn't help but sneak a smile.

Later his sister told me that she asked him why he was wearing a hat {because he never does} and he told her its because he wants to be like me!!!!!! Awwwwww....He loves me! Had to snap a pic. Oh..and don't worry...I have a hair appt set for tomorrow!

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  1. you were totally talking about me OCD face... love it! Now you just need a little boy clone of your very own!


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