Thursday, August 5, 2010

New News

I thought I needed to sneak in an update since I've been storytelling so much and we gotta keeps our peeps that are far away "in the know"! We have had a lot of stuff going on and we're loving every minute of it because it makes us feel like we have a life. Most things keeping us busy are the boring snoring everyday obligations so I will just run the highlight reel of the past week or so....

We both got new church callings that we are excited about! Chris will be teaching Sunday School to the 16-18 year olds and I will be serving on the Ward Activities Committee...and making treats for his Sunday School Class ;)

I am getting ready to leave for an entire week without my boys. I'm already having anxiety about the whole thing because a week will be the longest I have been away from either of them since we met! I'm not even talking dating stage...but since we met period. I will be taking my talents to St. George for the week for a Sassy Pose booth event...strictly business {but also to hang out with my fam and go shopping in Vegas..maybe hit up a ride or 5}

We have decided to expand our household. And by that I mean that Scottee Potty is coming to live with us! My lil {in age not in height} bro is coming to partake of the land of the Zonies for a time. He is the best and we are so excited to have him and Stanley here {Stanley is his alter ego that comes out when he is in a good mood that we named because he was so hilarious}

Me and Scottee Boy! {and in case you're wondering what I'm doing...I am so obviously imitating the fighting Irish Lepruchaun}

{Scottee doesn't seem to see the resemblence...but I think we're pretty much twins.}

I have been taking care of 2 week old baby Jett and I love it! Except that today he threw up his entire formulated lunch and it shot out of his nose! But I still adore all babies. He obvs doesn't do much yet but I could stare at him doing his little wigglies and yawns all day.

We actually have made some friends here {I sound surprised because I don't know that we've have friends that weren't family since we got married}! So far we have had some really fun dinners, game nights, double date nights, etc. We absolutely love having people our age in our ward here and are having a great time getting to know new people with fun personalities!

We are getting ready to paint and redecorate as soon as I get back from my trip. Chris actually doesn't fully know the extent of my plans yet. But my creative needs are bursting at the seems of the bag they have been stuffed in since we are in an apartment that was pre-painted and we don't have room to entertain or throw celebrations of any kind. So my creative outlet arrow is pointing at the living room and its walls. This should be fun!

That's the new news. Kiss kiss hug hug to everyone and thanks for being our peeps!

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