Monday, August 30, 2010

not made to be a bowler

So this past weekend the husb, the bro and I wanted to get out and do something a lil diff than the norm. So we decided to go throw some horribly heavy balls down the slippery runway at the Chandler Lanes bowling alley! We decided to get the super cool wristbands that allow 3 hours of unlimited bowling games. To make things exciting I brilliantly suggest that we put a type of non-monetary wager on each game. Keep in mind that I SUGGESTED IT! Here is what we came up with:

Game 1: Loser makes Sunday dinner
Game 2: Winner chooses what's for Sunday dinner
Game 3: Loser cleans dinner dishes
Game 4: Winner chooses Dessert
Game 5: Loser makes Dessert
Game 6: Loser eggs a pedestrian on the side of the street {obvs Scottee's idea}

I haven't been bowling since I was on a bowling league at BYU-I over 2 years ago! But Chris hadn't been bowling since his bowling class over a year ago and Scottee claims its one thing he has always been horrible at... so I feel safe. {sorry about the crappy cell phone cam is broken again}

liar. way better than he claims.

Champ. Won the majority of games.

It was a grand time out at the alley BUT ... guess what I was doing all Sunday afternoon....?
I lost every single game and bowled my worst game of all time. So is what I did Sunday afternoon:

Made spaghetti and homemade meatballs
Made brownies and ice cream
Cleaned the whole kitchen
Did NOT egg anyone....that's where I draw the line :)

I will not ever be suggesting wagers when it comes to any type of game against those two. Unless its something like a handstand competition in the pool or walking in heels...I'm awesome at that! ;)


  1. I still hate bowling after that blasted bowling team we were on. Never Again!!

  2. ok you should do the pedestrian thing...but make sure it's one of those two(Scottee) when you do it...that would be hilarious~!!!

  3. at least you look cute in your apron....I think you should egg Scottee....except you know he would never clean it up :)


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