Saturday, August 21, 2010

The SPose Trip

My Saint George trip was rad!
{Dad always brings us our fave chocolatey treats}

3 of my 4 sibs were there! Scottee looks like friggin gorilla arms. We had a great time preparing for the booth, having scorpion wars, laying out by the pool, shopping, dying Kay and Kimmie's hairs, staring at polygamists, etcetcetc....

{These give me the creepy crawlies}

When Pops finally got there we went out to lunch with him and Lisa (Troys BBQ...where you get to WRITE ON THE WALLS....we were excited about it ok...) and the Dino Tracks Spot. Even though you are looking at 200 million year old fossils and the place is run by peeps old enough to have been running with the was poppin. We made friends with a gecko...until Kailey "accidentally" made his tail come off and it continued to flop around in her hand....

And we obvs learned a lot of amazing things... like the first alligators on earth had hind legs like a greyhound and could run on land really fast {scariest creature imaginable....for those who don't know, alligators slash crocodiles are my biggest fear}

We also had a great competitive game of character catch phrase that night with Dad, Lisa, Kimmie, Scottee, Kailey and Myself. One for the books people!

Starting Saturday we gave our life to the fair. It was a ton of work but everyone pitched in their time and effort to help out. And by that I mean that everyone showed up acting like they wanted to help but really just went to other fair attractions...other booths, rides, etc. Halfway jk-ing! Everyone was awesome.

{Here is our booth and our home of 4 days...check out more pics on the SPose blog here}

Kimmie and I were there for about 12 hours a day for 4 days. It was a good time to chat, check out other booths, sell sell sell, make friends, take pics and what not. Some of our good memories include making friends with our neighbor booth Darling Divas and getting free glitter toes, the big man that resembled Mr. Crabs from Spongebob stopping by our booth twice a day, getting tasered for fun, rides, PowerBands, having visitors {Dad and Lisa bringing us ribs and congs!}, fair food and people watching! Chris' brother Dan and his good friend and Chris' grandparents came to see me at the fair, which was a highlight for me! It was overall a grrrrreat time and we felt so supported by everyone.

{3 workin sisties...Kailey actually just looked for boys to flirt with the whole time...she's 16 what can you expect? 3/4ths kidding}

The gang before we took off to Vegas to go school clothes shopping {yay!} and get dropped off at the airport to face delays and annoyances {boo}. Good times!

To see all the pics check out my FB album HERE.


  1. why am I not in any pictures!!! Looks like so much fun! NExt time I'm gonna have a lucy booth just so we can be neighbors

  2. You forgot about the fact that i licked the dino foot and that they were 300 million years old not 200million. Just sonds cool but i miss all of you and wish christie was there!!


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