Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Comforter

{my 'fresh from a heavenly nap' bed}

My poor comforter. As in... the comforter on my bed that is the perfect size, weight, thickness, snuggliness and overall comfortability. I always wanted a "heavenly" bed that looked soft and inviting. When we moved in we finally put together the bed I wanted with the luxurious shiny gray sheets, the matching modern headboard, the "perfect find" throw pillows and my fave white on white comforter with matching bedskirt and pillow shams. I love our bed!

But we hardly ever use the comforter because, well, its freakin hot at night. Yes even with the air on because there is some kind of stupid 'design flaw' that allows NO {ok hardly any} cold air to make it into our room...the most important room in the place!! Which does not make for a good cuddling situation. So we haven't used our comforter in months. Poor lonely thing. But that is not why I am feeling bad for this inanimate object at this time.

It started two weeks ago when I was washing the rest of the bedding. I had already done the sheets and I was just getting ready to do the whites which only consisted of the pillowcases. So I thought "hey, why not dry comfy the comforter even though he sits folded at the end of the bed and is not able to fulfill his life mission". I read the label which said to wash IN the washing machine and went for it. 45 mins later I went in to pull him out of that death trap and hang him to dry. And to my absolute horror I found a large fugly brown-orange burn with the fluffing poking out. SON OF A MONKEY SPANK! So I stare at it for a couple minutes thinking it will just go away when it realizes how annoyed I am that this happened. But it stayed there and I was forced to let it dry and put it back on the now blemished bed of heaven.

So he has been sitting on our bed while I am in the market for a new one, just feeling bad about himself and his brorange blem. Then this week I was having the boys help me clean when tragedy struck again. Apparently its too hard to just clean. When I gave the boys assignments Chris went to bed and brother played with the dog. Finally Scottee got the vacuum out to begin his chore. But decided he wanted to mess with the Housher first. Houshie is absolutely terrified of the Vacuum cleaner. Even if its just sitting in the middle of the room not even plugged in he walks around the outermost part of the room to get by it and will even bark and run sometimes. So Scottee decides to test Houshie's heart strength and runs the Vacuum up to him really fast just to see him squirm. So he begins his torturous play with the vacuum and the pup immediately runs into the room where Chris is sleeping.

4 seconds later I hear "baaaaaabe" and I run in to see that Housh had unloaded his bladder out of fright all over the white comforter!! So now there is a pee spot the size of Montana and it goes down through the entire folded comforter, the sheets and down to the memory foam. And this dog never pees inside...that is how scared he was!

So now comfy has obviously been washed again and now has his brorange blem on the side and I swear I can smell the ghost of the urine stain on the top {Ok not so much....just being dramatic}. So much torture for one lil queen sized comft.

You know... you get a white comforter and expect it to be ruined from maybe a drink spilling. Not an angry machine and a small bladdered dog. Livin and learnin. Now I am itching to redecorate our whole room around a new comforter...

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