Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall in the Desert

Who knew the desert was so beautiful? It is still hot as heat here in Arizona but I feel annoyingly confident in saying that we made it through the Arizona summer! Yaaaay...VICTORY! We were warned many a time that making it through this season was near impossible. And yes, I had moments where I had to look down and check if, in fact, my skin was melting right off my body from the heat.... but overall it actually wasn't as bad as all these locals made it out to be.

And now we are transitioning into the refreshing fall months! Slowly but surely. I have a feeling that us Hayes' are going to LOVE this season here in Arizona. No frozen tundra. No endless grey skies and rainy days. Just beautiful, warm, calm, "I love my life" desert autumn weather.

The inspiration for my thoughts and ramblings began one night last week when a weekday evening gave us a little teaser of the upcoming season. We cruised around town with the windows down listening to soothing tunes. The puppin couldn't resist sticking his head out of the window to soak up the breeze. On our drive we stumbled upon an area blanketed with palm trees! We fell in love. There are palms for as far as you can see...and if you hit it just right you see the sun going to bed and leaving Palm City with the most picturesque moments. Life is so good!

We ♥♥♥ AZ!


  1. Jeeze, you're so nice! Melissa, you're like seriously the most gorgeous person ever. You should be a style blogger yourself! It's so fun. And it forces you to get creative with the clothes you've got. And besides, husbands just LOVE taking pictures of your outfits everyday. haha.

    P.S. I'm dying for your little puppy right now! Cutest thing ever! We're desperate for a little pup ourselves ... no such thing in Rexburg housing though :(


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