Wednesday, September 8, 2010

False Advertising

Alright so...this past weekend we went shopping at Ross because uhhh I'm obsessed with it. I almost never buy clothes there...its all household items, workout things, handbags, an occasional hair product... things like that. That man Ross just has the greatest random finds.

This weekend's find was legendary! At least to me it was. To the naked eye, it may seem like just a box holding three average apothecary jars... but to me ...ohhhhh, to me... it is a magical box filled with countless dreams and elaborate fantasies in glass form.

Reason being: I have been lusting after a beautiful set of apothecary jars for quite some time now. Not one set in particular. I just think unique shaped jars with enclosing lids have a great deal of charm and whimsy to them. I fantasize about the endless creative possibilities such as these...

I have kept an eye out for the perfect set at the right price but they always seem to be outrageously expensive or I find something "more practical" to buy instead {dang responsible obligations screaming in my ear}. So, back to my find. I found a set of 3 at Ross for $12! Of course I immediately assumed it was insanely too good to be true. I went through the possible red flags in my head... they are marked down because the lids are missing, they're cracked, they're smaller than the picture, they're actually plastic....etcetcetc. But there were also three green flags {is that a thing?} there was a picture on the box, the box was the right size and the box was sealed! NOTHING COULD BE WRONG I FOUND MY JARS THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE...or uhhh... OF THIS WEEKEND!

So when we get home...I dramatically pull the beauts out of its perfectly sized box to finally lay my eyes upon them. Oh I laid my eyes upon them... and all I can do is pause life for about 12 seconds then fall into hilarity. Not what I expected. Reason being: The size. This is an actual shot of the side of the box... {When you look at this picture please make note of the size of the front round jar and the number of oranges or some similar fruit inside}

Beautiful right? And the perfect size!

Well, the size of the box obviously leads me to believe that a jar holding this good amount of oranges would fit inside of it. Why wouldn't I think that?!?! But, in reality, the box was mostly filled with styrofoam !!! The jars were small. Tiny in comparison to the images in my fantasies. The hilarity ensued when we grabbed a peach and put it inside the jar to compare...and make ourselves bust a gut. How many do you guess fit inside my little glass jar of disappointment? Maybe just 3? {Warning: this picture is hilarious}

ONE! ONE peach! Bwaaahahahaha! This is false advertising at it's worst! My incredible find turned into the apothecary scam of the century. And although I am extremely unsatisfied ...I cant help but love these little jars. I filled the mini containers with cotton balls, q-tips and love and arranged them on our bathroom counter. How can I take my unhappiness out on the lil apoth jars? Adorbs!


  1. Haha! This made me laugh out loud!! What a bummer!! They looked so cute on the box! Oh Jeeze ...I've been on the hunt myself! Ill let you know of I find anything!

  2. Hahaha! Poor baby jars, it isn't their fault. Glad you found good use for them! :) And Ross DOES have great stuff sometimes! I got a mini-fondue set from there because I couldn't resist it. I haven't used it but...yeah. So cute.


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