Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From: St. George

The great Rex Conner, Kimmie and her new pup Kobe drove down from St. George to visit us!!! Yee-haw...we obvs love visitors and had such a dandy time. Our weekend consisted of just hangin out, hot tubbin, chillin with the Cox's, showin them our favorite Chandler spots, playin some games, eaten lots of junk and other "visitors-in-town" types of activities! Love those guys!

Houshie and Kobe LOVE each other! They played non-stop.

Took our guests on a Midnight Bosa run {since we've made that our "thing"}

ALLLL Day Pool Volleyball with some more fam

One Love

The Babe and the Rex

Going to Church!

Sisties. Poppin.

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