Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids speak the truth

So this past Sunday at church {yes, I do go Mom} I got to substitute in Primary. Teaching the Sunbeams!!! Which I looooove. Funny little 3 and 4 year old kiddos. Our lesson was on 'Being kind to animals'...Noah's Ark...etcetc. That's why I love primary. That is my kind of lesson. We got to act like animals, color bunny rabbits, go paper animal fishing and numerous other equally as exciting things. The class was full of adorable little boys and only one girl. We bonded...she told me I "look like her face" and we "both have yellow hair on our top head". And she pointed out to me several times that we were the only two girls. Girl power!

{Before I proceed...I need you all to know that the day before this I made dozens of cookies for the Sunday School class that Chris teaches so I was feeling a lil self conscious and frankly, plump, because I obvs ate at least one finger full of dough to every 2 cookies I made.}

So the very first activity we did to introduce the lesson topic was animal acting! I told the lil ones that I was going to get up and act like an animal and they all have to shout out what kind of animal I am. So I mentally get into my 'bunny rabbit role' and simply stand up to walk to the corner of the room where I am planning on starting my bunny hop. But the second I stand up and have not done anything to make one think I am acting like any girl power buddy stands up...points at me... and shouts her guess... "ELEPHANT"!!! silence. And I just think "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that 16th Rolo cookie"...

The ultimate fat joke. We are not girl power buddies anymore...


  1. Yes cause I'm sure she was thinking you are as fat as an elephant..seriously? Eat more dough next time and I might believe it.


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