Saturday, September 4, 2010

New head of hair

Remember how I promised I had an appointment to get my hair did because of my nappy roots?! Well, I went and decided to update my color and my do...thank goodness! Everytime I get my hair done I think "ahh I should've done a before and after!" This time I remembered! So here is my nappy roots before photo...fresh from my overnight ponytail...greasy and lookin like a mug shot...
Here was the inspiration for my new fall look...
And here is the after...sleek and bangin!


  1. I love it!!! So much cuter than Reese grat choice...your hair person is AMAZING

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  3. Umm ok I totally cut my hair like that like 4 months ago becuase I was so bored, and I think Reese is adorable, but I did not post any pictures of it because those little bangs drove me crazy. So after all my hard work of trying something new, I have since trained those guys to swoop to the side once again. I'm doomed to have the same hair forev! It looks really cute on you though.

  4. I cant wait to see what you look like with a trench and thigh high boots! you look so new york... jealous!


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