Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 reasons why...

...we love date night!

1. I woke up to a text from my loveable husb telling me how excited he was to take me out on a date!

2. We tried out a new place called Chompies... as seen on Man vs. Food. It's a New York Style restaurant complete with a full bakery! The inside makes you feel like you're in New York and the food was deeeelish.

3. We acted like we were on a second date and talked like we were still trying to just get to know each other {this only lasted about 10 mins because someone kept going out of character...hahaha!}

4. I got potato wedge fries and Chris got sweet potato fries and we ate more off each other's plate than our own. {I'm tryin to get those sweet poats more often...}

5. We got to watch two waiters run into each other and make it rain with all the water that was in their pitchers!

6. We got 6 free bagel's for giving them our email address. They had like 15 different flaves! Makes you wonder what they're gonna do with that email...

7. We ditched our original plans and went to a park instead to have a more laid back evening.

8. We drove by Chandler High School and ESPN2 was there for this big game. We were on the lookout for an ESPN truck or announcer. I saw a group of about 5 men standing in the dark with what looked like big black cameras on their shoulders. I got all excited saying "camera crew...there's a camera crew!!! Look for a reporter!". Once we got a bit closer we realized it was a group of men carrying bagpipes and wearing kilts. Not even close. wtf? We laughed about it for a good 5 mins.

9. Out of all the desserts in the bakery we chose a giant chocolate chip cookie because they are my fave. We saved it until we got home since we were stuffed at the restaurant. I modeled with the giant cook for a picture then went to put my comfies on. When I came back there was about 2 bites left and a very happy husband sitting on the couch chewing up the rest of the cookie in his mouth!

10. We held hands. We kissed. & We love each other.


  1. that looks so good, I just watched that on Man vs food and those sandwiches looked amazing!! looks like you guys had fun.

  2. you guys are tooooo cute!!!! totally remind me of C and I before we became parents :) so fun! then things just get funner though, in a different way...

    he totally steals my cookies too!!! lol.

  3. Youre welcome... and that shirt is cute


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