Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dub Date!

Highlights and lowlights of our Double Date with Brandon and Melani. Ok it was actually all pretty great but I always like to recognize quirks of the day...

Great times at Macaroni Grill: Good food, good company, and a 'coloring on the table' contest!

Not so good: Making reservations thinking it's gonna be packed on a Friday night. But it turned out that we were one table of probably only 3 that were occupied. Creeped me out. & kinda makes you wonder.

Great times at the Comedy Show: Our funny cousin tearin it up on stage, some Punk'd guy headlining, drunk table next to us busting up at every joke {that was entertaining for about 3 minutes}.

Not so good: Mel and I had to pee since the very beginning of the show but were forced to keep drinking {ok maybe not forced...per se} because there was a 2 drink minimum. So by the end of the show it was almost 1 am and we were rushing to the restroom. Try laughing with a full bladder for 2 hours... kinda painful.

Fave part of the night: This picture. I got up to take a test photo with my TUPID camera that won't even focus to take a picture! Anyway...I am just really liking the personalities coming out in this one...

The gang at Papi Chulo's
{Alex the comedian, Melani, Brandon and their cuddle buddy Chris}

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  1. Brandons hand on Chris's knee and chris's arm around brandon is kinda creepy...Mel looks cute and why does alex remind me of Dad? glad you could go out though...was alex good?


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