Saturday, October 9, 2010

I made this...

...and I am feelin it! I definitely tend to lean more towards the 'modern style' when decorating {heck if I know if that's what you'd call it}. I like the simple and bold more than the fru fru-ed and cLuTtErEd. So I fell in love with this wreath when I saw it on a craft webby and decided to make it. Each of those cornies are hot-glued on individually so it took a long while. But... it was worth it because I hate the taste of candy corn so this is a way for me to enjoy the treat everytime I walk in the door!


  1. amazing! great work - love it!

  2. love at first sight!
    i love it guuurrrrl!! seriously, i kind of want to make one now!! wish you lived closer!

  3. I love this so bad!!! will you make me one? It's so cute!!


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