Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My husband quit his job...

My husband quit his job yesterday. Without discussing it with me. And he told me at 8 am. Right after I woke up. While he was supposed to be at work. & while he was playing Madden on Xbox. Three things I do not like are:
1. Waking up 2. Madden on Xbox {'specially with the dorky headset} 3. Husband quitting a good job that gives us moolah and health insurance.

Needlesstosay, he felt the need to bring these items home to me...

It worked. Three things I do like are 1. Chocolate 2. Roses 3. Having a husband that takes care of me and is so much of a 'hotfromtheoven' stud muff that he had another job lined up and has been doing so well at it already!


  1. Well if it makes you feel better, the boys both made $500 bucks just selling yesterday!! :) Selling is a good job for them..they are both really good at it. But, sucky thing is that there is no health insurance. And I KNOW how bad that is because we are STILL paying hospital bills from Braxton's birthday since we had to pay the whole ordeal with cash. Brandon isn't really working with Charles, so selling is his only job too. I guess we'll just keep praying that they sell like rockstars and can provide for us ! :)

  2. Yeah, Grant would die before he would be able to buy me anything to make up for it. You have a lucky man!


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