Thursday, October 21, 2010

So I'm on these meds....

Meaning medication. I have some medical issues that I am dealing with. So I have decided to become a legal pill popper. I have to take some nasty pills on the daily. And they make me just a little bit psycho. And by a little I mean 'the maximum amount of psycho in the way that I can't control my emotions or body because I am like a 12 year old girl just hitting puberty and I feel bad for husband and any others that come in contact with me because I will either start crying and bear hug them or slap them across the face and storm out of the room'. See how I could get those two things confused?

There have unfortunately been banana amounts of side effects on my abnormal cuerpo. I am sure most of them would be pretty entertaining for me to write about and then read about myself. pause. NOT. The most noticeable S.E. {side effect...duh} by far is my unstable emotionality.

Now, before these pills my brother had already nicknamed me 'MM' for MoodSwing Melissa. And husband once felt the wrath of 'MM' when we were playing a game and he chose MY NAME {out of 5 options} as the best definition of 'Temperamental'. So mix in a couple pills to the existing MM and there is gonna be a prob.

Day 2 of these pills I cried at least 5 times. Here's the break down...

1. I was hard at work on my day off scrubbing down our kitchen trash can and I began thinking about my niece Lucy. I miss her. So, I start crying. In front of the embarrassing.

2. Husband was working and having a very successful sales day. I was driving to Michael's for craft supplies. When he called to tell me 'bout it I got foggy eyed and almost had to pull over. My explanation: I was just so proud of him for being a hard worker.

3. I asked Scottee to go to the grocery store with me and he straight up said no. I really wanted some company so naturally I got a lil emotional.

4. Commercials. They just do it to me.

5. I was on the elliptical gettin my fitness on...listening to Katy Perry Teenage Dream...and watching some MADE {without the sound}. that's it. sometime during that I cried. W-T-Heck?

Keep in mind...these 5 were just the beginning. And I just realized why I don't have many friends. And most of the ones I have are they have to like me. :) Not joking.

It's a good thing this medical condition has also given me a shopping my needs are fulfilled while husband is working. God bless that man. The day after this 'emotional overload' Chris was giving a talk in church. He told me the goal for his talk was to make me cry. Geee-heez...set your goals a lil higher love...I was obs tearing up when I just saw him lookin handsome after he got dressed for church. Oh vey!


  1. Haha I feel this way, too! "condition" is called nursing and there are no pills I can pop for it. The SE of nursing you ask??? 1. Sleep deprivation in a big way! 2. Really sore tata's. Like don't let the shower stream near my chest kind of sore. 3. I'...HOT!!! Oh and the clincher, 4. Insatiable hunger!! Haha, I'm joking but totally serious at the same time :)

  2. I'm sorry you're going through this, I think every girl goes through some emotional roller coaster, whether it's medication induced or not. At least you have an awesome hubby to look past it, that's what helped me the most when I was going through something like it. You're amazing Melissa and you always sound happy no matter what you're writing about!

  3. Cuz, I love being around you even when you are a little bit 'psycho'. you're my fav..and i think you are hilarious!

  4. I feel for ya! I've been crying all the time since Mags was born.

  5. Umm ok so I can totally relate to this right now for some reason... yesterday I was on my way to work and saw the high school homecoming parade going on, which is obviously a very emotional event, and when I saw those floats the tears just started coming! And don't even get me started on the cops that were out directing traffic! I thought I was going to lose it!


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