Friday, October 15, 2010

sophisticated palate

It's official. we have a high maintenance pooch. He won't eat any dog food that has "yellow corn" listed as the first ingredient. How he knows this beats me seeing as how Chris, his father, would eat dog food if I put it in front of him and said it was chicken {yes, I realize he is not his biological father...i'm not that insane dog lady that thinks her pets are actually her children}. I just thought that example would rub off on Housher.

I have tried a couple different foods and none fully please him. Last week I got the small furry man some new food and an hour after eating it he threw up a block of all the food he ate still in full form...only a lil soggy. A block! It was the sickest looking thing! And it wasn't like this was some off brand Wal-Mart was pedigree for cryin out loud.

So I caved and bought the "fancy expensive high-class meat-is-listed-as-the-first-three-ingredients" type of food. Now he is happy.

This bearded guy's favorite things are: chewing on sweaty socks straight off your feet after a workout & rolling in his own p.o.o.p...but he won't eat dog food that has more corn than meat. Go figure.


  1. I completely understand, our dog Milo has a super sensitive stomach, he couldn't even down science diet. I HATE picking up puke. So we feed him and Jazzy the Blue Buffalo brand of food. They LOVE it.

  2. He's jsut getting you ready for kids...Lu is super picky too!

  3. hahaha!!! cutest pic ever. i love your little poopy puppy!!! one day when i'm done with little human rascals i'll do the dog thing again. i love love love them. he is so sweet i just want to snuggle him!!!

    i love that he is picky... it makes him more that weird?


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