Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who killed Allen?

On Monday some of our favorites, Melani and Brandon (&the adorb baby Brax o'course), invited us over to carve pumpkins! It was a perfectly splendid time! We filled our tummies with Mel's scrumptious Chili and Cornbread and then picked up some pumps from the grocery store that we could carve up!

The boys both carved some wonderfully ridiculous faces and Mel and I carved creatures of sorts. By that I mean she carved a rad spider and I carved a sweet owl sitting on a branch...named Allen. So like I said it was a great time and we took our creative 'kins home to decorate our patio as well as cherish the memories that were created that night {it was our first time ever carving pumpkins together OK?!}

So I placed Allen the owl and Harvey the goofhead on our patio ledge and lit them up to enjoy the decorative Halloween glow. We loved having our first pumpkins at our abode. All was festive and magical in the air.

So two days pass and I think..."I wonder how Allen and Harvey are doing? Maybe I should pay them a visit." {They are hanging out on the back patio that we don't visit often}. So I push the noisy blinds open and sliiiiiiide the glass doors to the side to reveal a truly sickening sight. Allen has been murdered! I gasped... and then {obvi} started laughing. Weird looking things are just funny to me. Just the sight of him was sad and pathetic and he stood no chance out there on that deadly ledge. At first I didn't even know what I was looking at. It was like the adorable content pumpkin owl had disappeared and been replaced by an atrocious shriveled mystery mass hanging down from the carved out pumpkin branch. It looked a lil something...or a lot this...{before looking at the disaster take another lil peek at what it is supposed to look like up above cute}

What happened might you ask? Easy. It was Harvey. Look at that psychotic brilliant face. He totally has that genius turned serial killer...guilty look. Don't worry...I separated them and told them I would have Chris deal with them when he got home from work.

Ok i'll be honest. Yes, that is mold inside the rotting pumps. And yes it is from the pumpkins sitting out in the hot Arizona sun. And yes it is still in the 90s even though its mid Octubre. And yes that is {probably} what killed Allen and it's {probably} not Harvey's fault. Yes I am the idiot who did it. Goodbye our pleasant plump pumpks...RIP.


  1. bahahah i love this post! same thing happened last year with my seahawk and brandon's Y. Brandon's cougar destroyed my bird. freaking mold. i wish pumpkins lasted forever!!


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