Thursday, October 21, 2010

Witch with a W

So my Momsie sent over a fab lil package with something she saw at the store that made her think of me...a WITCH hat! Bahahaha {cackle cackle cackle}! Purple and black with a lacy veil and falsie spiders intertwined. Just the right amount of dramatic affect I need to wear around the house and make me feel like I HAVE to get into the role of the trendy witch OR to add a flair to my Halloween decorations. Of course I had to do a lil photo shoot with it. I was feelin it but this is what happened when I tried to get those boys to try it on...

...suddenly nap time...

...suddenly snack time (with the paws up for defense)

It has now become the finishing touch to my Halloween Decor! Tanks Moms.


  1. Ok you are seriously SO funny. I love the post about the meds. I'm sure it's not funny in the moment but you sure make it sound funny. I totes understand when it comes to emotions. I'm a bit of a roller coaster myself.

    Love the new witch had and LOVE the Oreo jar. Double stuffed is the only way to go. Now if I can just get rid of this baby weight so that I can allow myself to indulge in them again. ;-)

  2. so i just spent an hour reading your blog. AN HOUR. and i realized that your idiot dog locked you out of your car too. i mean, is that real!?!?!!? how are we SO UNLUCKY?!?!!

    i opened your page and i was like omg she's cute. (probs because i think you look like me). then i read your blog. you're funny. and you're RIGHT, we would totally be friends in real life. your blog is my new fave. YES!


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