Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caught green handed!

Apparently the 'stinky-and-sometimes-cute-but-often-irritating-poop-faced' Hoosher wanted to get into the holiday spirit. During my crafting I painted the 'Christmas Kisses' wooden sign green and then got up to get some hot glue sticks. In the 47 seconds that I was gone... Hooshie decided to step his petite paw into my paint blob that I had on a Pier 1 catalog on the floor and then run across the living room. And you better believe he left behind a trail of green paw prints...on the carpet!!! Grrrrrrrr. {we are not getting our deposit back} And you also better believe he hid once I saw it. But I obvi just followed the green carpet blobs to find the lil chunk. He was caught GREEN HANDED! Then given a nice scrub in the bath as punishment.

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