Monday, November 22, 2010

A Go Go

Our breakfast needed its own post. The portions are too big to be squished into the Vegas post. Chris is a serious food lover so he was excited to check out some new Vegas restaurants that we hadn't ever embarked on. So Chris has an app on his Iphone Igor that shows you where to eat in any city. Its pretty sweet. So when we arrive to Veg he busts out the app and it points him to his new obsession for the next 24 hours... Hash House A Go Go. He checks out the reviews and website and fell in love immediately with its weird and original dishes but mostly one dish. The fried Chicken and waffles. We vowed to visit the Hash House for breakfast the next day.

So in the AM we prepare ourselves for a vegas morning. Husb is pretty much drooling the entire time sister and I are preparing ourselves to go out. He hadn't stopped talking bout the chi chi and waffs since he stumbled upon the place. I dont really wanna outline what happened the next 2 hours {because its all ridiculous} but an array of obstacles prevented us from finding this stup place. But we had vowed our soulds away so we couldn't give up and go to had to be Hashie.

Long story shorter... we found it!!! Ahhhh...we saw the light! We are checking out the menu and our eyes are wide in amazement. Twisted Farm Food is how its advertised. They were giant portions and inticing descriptions. Chris obvi knew what he was getting. But Kimmie and I couldn't decide so we chose our 2 faves and shared half and half. It took 45 mins to get our food after we ordered. But we finally cut into our jumbo dishes...

{SNICKERS sweet and delish}

{STUFFED one pounder. 2 patties stuffed with avocado, cheese and bacon}

{The famous Fried Chicken and Waffles}

My review: food is good. portions huge. service was awful {we had 3 different waitresses and waited 45 mins for our food}. Different experience... but wont be going back.


  1. we went for our anniversary and felt the same way! the food is definately different, which is always super fun. we went to the one on the strip and i had the hardest time eating when it stunk like flipping ciggi smoke!!!! a must go- but a must go only once!!! so glad you guys had a blast in our city!!! we were thinking of you guys!!!!

  2. Just so you know...Brynn found your blog all on her own this morning! I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "Looking at blogs." I said, "Whose?" She said, "Chris and Melissa's!" So, she's officially stalking you now! I think she kinda likes you, Chris! Thanks for being so fun and sweet to my kids. You two are the cutest couple and we love it when you visit St. G!


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