Monday, November 1, 2010

hall.o.weenie weekend!

We had a grrrreat Halloween this year. Thank good since last year we were la-haaame and didn't do anything. So this was really our first year to dress up and actually CELEBRATE together.

We obvi hung out with the Boudy's all weekend. Friday we hit up the Halloween trunk-or-treat in their neighborhood. Good times. They had the cutest costumes and Mel MADE all of them. And it was the first thing she ever made with her new sewing machine....I mean c'mon...she's awesome.

Meet the Flintstones.................................. And the Joes...

Good times Good times!

Saturday we hit up our Halloween party! It was a new-fashioned BLAST! Lots of chili, cupcakes, cotton candy, and every other form of candy have put us in a sugar coma. The beehive trunk we planned to match Houshie's Bee costume was a bust but we loved seeing all the cute kids 'treating' around.

By actual Halloween on Sunday we were all partied out. We went over to the Boudy's to relax, pass out candy and watch a scary movie. Well we did relax and hand out sweets to all the neighborhood kiddies. & we watched The Pelican Brief. NOT a scary movie but I have always wanted to see it so....CHECK! Now on to November! Can't wait for all our trips!

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