Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Housh turned 1 year old last weekend! For his birthday I decided to change the spelling of his name. I don't feel bad... since he's a dog. I am just getting annoyed every time I look at his name written and I hear House-shhhh. So it is now HOOSH...pronounced HOOOOOOOOOSSSHHHHHH!

I feel totally justified in doing this since Chris named him after a football player {T.J. Houshmandzadeh} who played for the Seahawks because he is a diehard fan of Seahawks, Mariners, Zombie Sonics {aka OKC Thunder}...basically anything Seattle. And as of this year Houshmandzadeh no longer plays for the Seahawks and now plays for the Ravens. Still a bird but not a Hawk of any kind. You're welcome for that football lesson. And since we only spelled his name weird for that one reason I decided that I am now allowed to change the spelling. Whew...glad I got that off my chest. So...Hoosh it is.

Also for Hooshie's {that feels so much better} birthday we bought him a smoking jacket for the holidays. Hahahahaha funniest thing eva...lil bow tie and everything!! And I put a doggie treat inside of my super special birthday wine glass and watched him try to get it out of there for about 20 mins. Like I said...cheap entertainment. We're such good doggie parents.

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