Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Frosting

I've been deathly ill {ok I had a mild flu} almost all boring week long. So I have been sitting at home all alone {ok with the poosh} staring at our enticing red living room wall and thinking about beginning the unbelievable splendor that is Christmas decorating. After the first two days of being out of commission due to "head aching throat closing snot clotting" problems I was able to get up out of mi bed and get some "stay at home wife" stuff done. So I did like 10 loads of laundry {note to self: I have a funny story about that}, squeaky cleaned the house, made husb a gourmet dinner {ok it was a chicken and veggies thrown in the crock-p} and organized the spare room. So that took like half a day and then I was back to thinking about decorating for Christmas.

Usually I believe everyone should wait until the day after Thanksgiving to give the Turkey some spotlight time. BUT we will be out of town at that time. And really we won't even be at home to enjoy our decorations on Christmas eve or day or day after. So I feel its required nay imperative to decor early. So I committed the beginning of Thanksgiving week before we leave to start the cheer. And I decided to use my "bum" time at home to attempt to make some Christmas crafts.

Remember when I made THIS? Well, I l♥ved it so much that I designed my own Christmas version.

And I am uhhhb-sessed. Is it wrong to be obsessed with your own creation? I don't took forever and its worth it. I just love having something merry and eye catching greet me every time I get home. Jolly-o!

I also wanted to make something to carry over traddies from when I was growing up. So I made the Christmas Kiss Countdown!!!!!! One of my fave parts of Christmas as a wee lady. I tried to upload a photo but since my camera is at the Nikon Repair Factory...I can't. Maybe at a later date!


  1. I am obsessed as well! would it be weird if I made a copy cat? too bad... im doin it! and you'll be seeing in in just 2 weeks!

  2. wowza, i'm obsessed too!!! i LOOOOVE it! you're one creative beast (and i mean that in the best possible way). it's adorable, sorry you were sick, but glad that you got some creative thinking out of being sick.

  3. ohh and i stole your marriage is rocking hot button...guess i'm just a copy cat like that.


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