Monday, November 22, 2010

Road trippin to LV

We took a mini one night trip up to Vegas and it was fantast! Colder than expected but seriously superb. We met Kimmie up in sin city and the three of us tore up the city! And by 'tore up the city' I mean we went to a wedding reception and then did all the clean, wholesome and mormon-friendly things you can do on the strip. Because we're crazy like that.

As I previously mentioned, my cousin Emily got married and had a Vegas reception this weekend. It was SO great to see our fun Aunt Kailyn & Uncle Dave and sweet lovie newlyweds Emily and Mike! I already love weddings because I like feelin fancy. But add cute decorations, delish food and fun peeps and I could go all night. Chris was in heaven because he liked EVERYTHING on the food table. We figure he made about 12 trips from our table to the food. Kimmie and I were in heaven because we love our Davies family and our new cousin and his family were awesome too! Thanks for getting married guys. Love ya!

{Wish I got a pic of the rest of her dress. Gorge!}

{Our beautiful mother daughter duo}

{Cutest wedding snack idea}

Following the reception we went out on the strip. Did some shopping. Did some walking. Went to New York. Kissed under the Eiffel tower. Dodged all the creepy porn passer outers. Won $0 on some slot machines. Did some eating. Checked out the wax celebrities. Things of that nature. We were high on the energy of the city. Not in the way that all the people around us were high. But it was an A+ evening.

{for some reason our poses make me laugh. i love us}

After crawling out of our heavenly 4 star beds in the morning we went on our journey for breakfast. We didn't know it was gonna be a journey but the place we journeyed for deserves its own post...coming up. Breakfast took up our whole morning. So we stopped at the LV Temple {which was unexpectedly gigantic} and headed home to our Hoosher. Yeehaw! Good times!


  1. is it awkward that I am about the write the exact same post? Thanks for the AMAZING night! lovins...

  2. Nice, we were in Vegas this weekend too, actually. I auditioned for the show "Minute-to-Win It." Doubt I'll get a call back, but still fun.


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