Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shout out to ya'll

I just want to express my extreme delight for all the wonderful things that are happening to peeps I love. There are always big events going on all around but right now it seems like there is so much to celebrate on top of all the holidays. Which I am all for because celebrate is my middle name {not really...its Michelle}. So I'd like to shout out to...

Dad and Lisa - My Padre found his LOML {love of my life...well..his life}. We knew the day would come and it finally has! He found his perfect match in Lisa and they decided to elope on 10-10-10. The whole Conner fam is so happy to have Lisa and her kids in the family! We get to celebrate at a reception when we're up in Saint Geezy for Thanksgiving.

{at the DBacks game '10}

Mckae- My Twin BFF and her husband Nate have a bun in their oven!!! And I am obvi so excited for them to start their cute family. Mckae and I spent our 21st Bdays together, flew to participate in each other's weddings, dyed our hair brown together and graduated college together and so I HATE not getting to be there to participate in exciting baby things! Although I'm sure Nate and the Stiles are relieved I won't be there on delivery day trying to be the first to hold the baby....hahaha!

{winter semester '08}

{King Wedding '09}

Emily- My cute cousin Emily has found her lobster {Friends fans will understand}! They are getting sealed for eternity TOMORROW! When Hub and I were getting married Emily was there helping with everything while we were in our love bubble...including spending our wedding giftcards after the wedding! I want to be on our way to Portland right now but since we're not... we will settle for attending their Vegas reception next weekend.

{in Rexburg '09}

Felix- a.k.a. Chanix a.k.a Felixing a.k.a Glen- One of my college BFFs is engaged to wed next year! Fee and I have been good friends since one of my first semesters in college. We have so many good memories but haven't seen each other in a while. So I am just so happy that he has found a beautiful girl to settle down with and he gets to be a stepdaddy! Next time we're in OR we'll be doing some doub dating!

{this pic was from when we were like 18! why don't we have more recent pics?}

{hahaha...kind of embarrassing but here we are. Glen, Me and Mckae in Rexburg '07}

Colette- one of my original BFFs from the grade school years has grabbed herself an Oklahoma boy! I left Texas when I was 16 but Colette and I have remained friends. I loved having her come up to our wedding. & I am already so excited for us to get to fly to OK for their wedding next year! So happy for her and Erik!

{this pic is just really funny to me. Stars game '05}

{at our wedding. '08}

Parker- Another one of my BFFs from the college years. Parker just served a TWO YEAR mission in Chile! & He is coming home next week!!! Such an accomplishment and I am so proud of Puffin! And you can tell by all my exclamation marks that I am really excited that we are going to his homecoming in Utah this month!

{Love this pic. SOOO parker! '07}

Congrats to all you lovelies! And don't forget about us Hayes' as you move on with your lives :)


  1. all these weddings.... I need to get in on this... oh and this is Eric haha

  2. dang girl this is sooooo trill i'm lovin the blog action, how do i get me one'a'deez!!??


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