Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spankins for Harry

Ello Aaaarrrry Potta! Yeah...we went to the midnight showing. Like the cool people do. And it was a 10 on the fun scale of 1-10. Hub and I went with M and B. The funny thing is that Mel and I {the girls of the group} don't really care about Harry. Yeah they are great books and movies but we're not uber-obsessed. But our HUSBANDS are the HardCore Harrys that insisted we go to the first showing possible. Gotta love those guys. So we {the girls} decided to make it a fun experience. So we obvi decided to make shirts with clever wizard sayings {who wouldn't?}...and load up on snacks...and get hyped on energy drinks. That's our recipe for a good time.

We ended up not having time to complete our detailed shirts with our original brilliant plan. So we hot glued those words on....accidentally smudged the paint a lil while putting them on...and took off for the IMAX asap. I still think they were awesome. And we had a great time going through all the silly sayings. Here's what we decided on- MB: Kiss Me I'm a Muggle. B: Pimp my Broom. C: Only here for the Butter Beer. MH: Spank me with your Wand {I know...I would}.We felt really luck that we weren't those among the hardcore fans that waited for hours to get a good seat. We just walked in 15 mins before the move and got great seats. 2 right in front of the other 2.

High point: We literally got like a giant beach bag and filled it with candy, drinks, white cheddar popcorn {my must have}, PB M&Ms and DOS flannel blankets. You know how you're not supposed to bring outside food into the theatre? Well...we just hoped this wasn't the "tonight we're checking bags just to be strict" night. But Mel just walked right in with this GIANT stuffed bag. And the sight cracked me up. You would've thought we were about to have a picnic in that movie theatre.

Low point: Whilst shopping for t-shirt making supplies we found...ready for this?.... Glow in the dark neon puff paint! And we had big plans for those suckers. We were gonna have a giant lightning bolt that would glow along with the words on the front...just glorious. Well it just straight up didn't shed a single glow ray. Rude.

But Harry night was a good time. The movie was good and we were happy. At least I think the movie was good. I fell asleep for at least 20 mins on Chris' shoulder. I really can't be expected to stay up til 3 am. This mama bear needs her 8 hours if ya know what I'm sayin. So I took a yittle nap and then got my second wind and was awake for the rest. Gotta see my Ron Weasley.

Disclaimer: I went over the Boudy's straight from working for 9 hours with 3 kids and I didn't even blow dry my hair that mornin so I am lookin TOW UP!
2nd Disclaimer: My camera is at the Nikon factory for repair so my upcoming adventures will all have stinky phone pics. Thanks for this cool pic Mel!

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