Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet 'stume, man!

Who are we supposed to be?!?!

Can't you tell by Chris' humongo Vans snow boots and intimidating stare that he is THE G.I. JOOOOOOOOOOE?!?! Priced at $12.99.

And can't you tell by my ratted out wig {that's how my barbies always looked}, plasticky smile and the Sassy but deadly five inch heels that I'm THE 'Collectors Edition' Barbie!?!? Priced at $99.99! ......I said I'm a collector's item!

What the picture doesn't show about Chris' costume is that it's like a puzzle. Each piece had to connect to something else to make the whole thing work. There is no top button on the pants so I got him a utility belt {a.k.a fanny pack! hahaha..fanny pack} to keep his pants up and hide the missing button. And then the pants were waaaay too short. Like... is it supposed to rain in here because I see a FLOOD coming. {remember that stupid line?} Hahahaha! So we HAD to find some boots that could keep the pants tucked in...and look G.I. legit. It took me about 3 days to find those mugs. And when the Goodwill cashier was ringing me up she just started chuckling. Then she handed me my bags and told me she was laughing because the boots were so huge and thick that each one needed its own bag! Then I shared in the moment and started laughing and thought it was funny the whole way home. I appreciate cheap humor.

What the picture doesn't show about my costume is the great deal of pain it cost me all night for 2 nights. The wig......arrrrgggg the wig. Cut off the blood flow to my brain causing me to not be able to think clearly enough to take it off! And the heels...ahhhh the heels. I usually pride myself in being able to walk in 5 inch heels for a day without pain. But since I was helping with running the party and running all over the place to get it set up....they blisted up my feet bad enough to compromise the Barbie power and put flats on.

What you DO see about Houshie's costume is that he is an adorable bumble bee and he absolutely HATED the thing. He pouted and naughtied all night. He is supposed to be wearing a hat with two little yellow puff ball antenna on it but he would shake it off as soon as we got it on. Party pooper. So him and Boudy the hot dog {!} stayed in the car most of the night like tired old men.

The AMAZING thing is that we had so much fun that we didn't notice any of these unfortunate side effects until we were home at the end of the night! Successful 'stumes Hayes. Next year...I think we'll be something evil...orrr the Incredibles.


  1. I think you guys should be Snookie and The Situation next year!! tell Chris to start doing crunches now, haha!!

  2. That look works perfect for you too! I could never pull that off Melissa! I'm a little short... great idea though... I love it!

  3. you totally got H's costume at TJ...Cleo had the matching ladybug lsfjdlkasdkfjlasjd LOVE! they would make such a cute couple.


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