Sunday, December 19, 2010

Groom it out

Baby H and I had a grooming day while Husbee was at work on Fri. I dropped the boy off at the Pet Salon and I went over to the human salon. Baby had to get his furs cut short because he had some knots and what knot {haha}. I didn't want it too short because he needs his natural fur coat for the WA weather. So when my head was done getting worked on i picked Hooshie up and got a mini lecture from his stylist about brushing him 3 times a week so it doesn't have to be shaved and yada yada blah. So then i had to get my booty over to the store to get him a jacket because we are going to WASHINGTON in 2 days and he is gonna be a cold pup. The jacket I got ba-dorbo {that means adorable for those of you that don't speak....melissa}.

Before all that I was over at the human salon...and I needed a change. So I got iced out {sick o' those lowlights}. Went blondie mcblonde-head and cut off 6 inches {yes, we counted}!!! You would never guess it was that much because it's still not even short but those mugs were so long and split and scrag. So they were cut out of my life. And it feels gah-rate. Now we are all fresh and groomed and ready for our trip to the PNW {pacific northwest for all you non PNW-ers}.

I tried to take some phots of the new hairs with my webcam. I ended up taking like a gazillion and decided its imposs to take a pic with a dog....and a webcam. That last pic is me giving up.. haha!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I have a sad story...

I opened the front door this morning and saw this in my path...
Whaaaat tha frickity? It seriously didn't even register in my puny mind what it was. I thought it might be some Christmas prank gone awry {like I know someone that would be silly enough to prank us}. Then I looked up and saw this...
My beautiful Christmas Creation. ruined! It never rains in Arizona. But it rained yesterday {so I guess sometimes it rains in AZ}. And I guess this is what happens when it rains. Now I know. It's my style to learn things the hard way. So sad.

{those of you that recreated this wreath...learn from my mistake...put some kind of protecting sealant stuff on that mug. please}

Monday, December 13, 2010

2 things

2 things made me laugh today. I mean...I have laughed probably 1112 times in all. But I'm not counting the lil lame laughs. Like when someone's phone changed a word they typed in a text to me this morning {i don't know why that gets me everytime}, or when I caught a glimpse of myself passing a mirror in walmart {i should not have been in public with that hair girl}, or when I was staring at the guy at the car wash with his fing up his nose and he was so shocked when he saw me watching that he jumped back in fright!! Hahaha. Those were just giggles.

These 2 things made me 'slap yo mama' laugh. And it's making me laugh right now because really out of all the tings that made me a-chuckle today...these 2 should not have been the gut busts. But the funny bone wants what it wants. these 2 things got me so good that they deserved a phone pic. And I am glad I snapped a lil shot of the laughers because now I can look back from time to time and laugh my melon-sized head off. HA!

piece of evidence #1: I threw a pile of clean laundry on the floor to fold and went back to put the next load in the dryer. While I was away {in the next room} Hooshie climbed on top and took himself a nice lil napper for 75 seconds. 'Cept I don't think he could find a comfy position because when I walked back in he was on his back... and when I said "HOOSHER"...he snapped up so fast you'd think he was awoken from a mid winter hibernation. And he just stared at me so puzzled....with the BED HEAD of the actually looks like a toupee. And its covering his eyes to where he can't see a thing. It'll get ya.....just stare at it for a 10 secs. Hahahaha!

After laughing in his face i felt like a bad mom so he now has a grooming appt set for fri.

evi #2: this hanging hilarity was hidden deep in the corner of our closet. Chris has a tie rack but the lil Hoo got a hold of it and its now one of his fave toys {it was a plastic circle one...not one of those electrics...but that would be hilar if that was H's new fave toy...hahaha...he's just sitting there pushing the lil button with a paw that makes the ties go round and that's getting me}. he has just been keeping his ties on a hanger in the corner of the closet. So when I went to hang one up today I find the source of my gut buster. All of his ties {you can't tell but there are like 20 on there!} just hanging on for dear sweet everlasting life lest they should hit the closet floor. {warning: its as hilarious as the 'hanging banana' incident}....

Guess its time to upgrade to a non-white-trash non-plastic way of hanging ties. I wonder if I'm the only person in the world that would laugh at stup things like these. I hope not...that's just sad....for me and everyone else. 'Twas a good day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

we ♥ our stockings!

this is our second Christmas together as a married couple {wooohooo I ♥♥♥♥ Christmas} so I figured it's HIGH TIME we get some Christmas stockings to lovingly call our own. And I ob didn't want to get just any ol' stockings for my lil family. I wanted them to be special. And I wanted them to be different and creative. So I asked my Mombo, THE Queen of Crafts, to craft up some stocks for us!! We got them in the mail this week and we LOOOVE them! They could not have been cuter, more perfect or more elfish. Check em out...

After we opened our stocking package and did a lil photo shoot with them....we were in a Christmasy mood. So we went out to Targ {yes I was walking like a granny with a bad back} and picked up some adorbo initial pins to add some identity and even more personality to each of our stocks....

And some stocking holders. JOY is my fave Christmas word. And i'm obsessed with the bell for the "O". And I can't really tell in the pic but the letters are green!!! Oh Happy Night!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I got your DBack

How adorbable is this man? That's easy...10...on a scale of 1-10. Stud muff husband of the year now has 2 jobs! He's still doing his Direct TV sales which he is AWESOME at and now he just got selected to be an events manager for the Arizona DiamondBacks! He is def just as excited bout all the free DB gear and hundreds of free game tickets as he is about actually working for the team. So proud of that guy. The pic is right before his first event...he was as giddy as a school girl on the first day of class!

While we're on the subject of BACKS {D-backs...get it} let me just miserably say that I injured my back again today....grrrrrrrrrrrr. And I am very mad about it. I feel like I'm 95 years old!!! 24 and 95 is a big that's pretty awf if you ask me. So I am now home from work and Chris is taking care of me {when he's not working}. He made me a bed in the living room and constantly brings me heat anything else I might need. When Chris was at work I tried to ask Hooshie to answer the door when a package came...but he just stared at that's gonna be his next trick. I'm crossing my fingies that I am magically healed for the Ward Christmas Party this weekend...that I have been helping plan. Fings crossed fings crossed!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

random story day

I used to be completely mortified when my Mom would talk to any other living creature in public. I dare say I'd cringe with so much as a friendly "how old's your baby?" to a passerby. You would've thought that she was asking a stranger to borrow an adult diaper {haha...diapers for adults}. A lil later in my life I started loving when strangers would talk to me because I liked making the situation awkward to see how they react. Although I would have to make things up now and then to get a good reaction. Nowadays I love when anyone talks to me because it makes for an interesting day.

There are some interesting peeps out there. And there are some crazy peeps out there. I mean, have you ever seen an episode of Hoarders?! Craze. You never know when you're going to run into one of those types of people.

So on to my story: Recently husband and I were just walking down the bread isle in Fry's when an Indian woman stopped us and asked {in a very thick Indian accent} "boyfriend and girlfren or married?" We told her we were married and she just went off in excitement about how great it was that we were the right height for each other. How do you respond to that? Thanks? She then talked our ears off for literally 10 mins standing in that bread isle. She tells me about how I look EXACTLY like her daughter that is back in India. {Which I find rather hard to believe since she is Indian and I am Irish Mc'White'nburg.} She also commented on how my nose was the same length as one of her friends. Thanks again? We only picked up bits and pieces of what she was saying but she did tell us multiple times that her son always says "please don't beat me". wt-heck?

Anyway...when we started throwing out the signals that we were needing to move on.. she puts her hand up on my cheek and tells me she wants to leave us with a blessing of a happy life. Then does the same to Chris with the hand on the cheek... a lil longer than mine mind you. We wished her the same and walked away as she continued to stand there and watch us move along.

Creepy or kinda sweet/sad? See how I can't decide? But I like it because it confuses me. Later we passed her by the eggs and she was walking with a cane that came out of no where and acted like she had never seen us before in her life. We thought we were BFFs by now...since she touched our cheeks and all. But she had obvi forgotten about us in 15 minutes. I guess our relationship wasn't as meaningful as we thought it was.... It was like a flashback to high school dating days. Am I right ladies? Hahaha just kid. Kinda.

Sometimes I wish I could see the world through someone else's eyes. But most times I'm glad I don't. I think it would scare me. ;0

Friday, December 3, 2010


We've got a weirdie on our hands ladies and gents. Our cute lil butternut squashface has been showing some signs of serious 'unnecessary yet entertaining' weirdi-ness. I'm not just talkin the whole 'chase your tail' or 'chasing cars' bits. That is normal weird dog stuff. This guy likes to think outside the small doggy mind box.

I have this lacy netting that I decorated the mirrored closet door with. It's s'cute. When I am sitting in front of the mirror attempting to salvage my sleep face by putting on my makeup Hooshie always lays right on top of the extra netting that bunches at the bottom. I don't know if the planets weren't aligning or what...but this one day I walk into my room from pouring the most delicious glass of choco milk {i need a glass now} and I see the furball just standing like this...

Hahahahaha! What a fabulous little freak. Just staring and looking sad. Almost like he doesn't notice it's there. Usually he would freak if something was put over his head.

Then when we got home from our Thanksgiving travels this week... weirdness struck again. We had just gotten home and were workin hard to bring everything inside from the car {my worst part of traveling...I will look for ANY excuse to not help...and I'm not ashamed}. I walked in the front door with my heavy load {and by heavy I mean my purse and some congo bars} and I see the small man standing perfectly still like this...

I have no idea how that got around his neck. or why he was staring straight ahead. or why he stood there long enough for me to snap a pic. mysterious bugga.

All I have to say is you are on top of your game Mr. Hooshington. Keep this up and I'm gonna have to start calling you the late Michael Jackson...because he's black AND white AND a total weirdie. Get it?!! MJ must be his new nickname. Oh I love my jokes. It's late...I need sleep. All hail the king of pop!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lows on the roads

The drive home from St.G to Chandler took about 6 and 1/2 hours. Wasn't too bad. After driving 12 hours back and forth form WA to ID all the time...anything less than that doesn't phase me. BUT we had some low points on this driving day. I had a great drive with my husbabe...we talked... we ate snacks...we made each other laugh. But there were some definite lows.

A. i lost my IPOD! I LOST my IPOD. Let that reality sink in. When you are on this road trip you can't get a consistent radio station. So we had no music THE WHOLE WAY. I also lost my fave tweezies. I can't decide which is worse. Which tells you how much I love those tweezies.

B. I had to pee behind a bush on the side of a small gravely Arizona freeway. And I don't think it was full enough to shield the pervy eyes of the others driving by. Tell me why there are no rest stops for millions of miles and then we find a rest stop on the freeway RIGHT NEXT to the city. We were watching for an hour and there was nothin. As soon as we get in the car from finally finding a gas station...we see a rest stop. A guy must have decided where those stops go. Haha!

C. we killed a feline. MURDERED DEAD! There was a orange and white tabby just standing there in the pitch black freeway road. If Chris would've swerved we would have hit a semi straight on. it was terrifying. Chris went into shock and thought he couldn't feel his arms. Which made me laugh and look like a jerk in the situation. poor guy was never taught not to run into the busy road with lots of impatient cars. R.I.P. Tabatha the tabby. The sound of you thud on the front bumper will forever haunt my dreams.

Getting home and snuggling with C and H in our warm familiar bed made me forget all the lows. Home sweet home ♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday...dun dun dun...

While we were in stizzle gizzle we decided to take on the crowds for BLACK FRIDAY! We were actually really excited because we're nerds and because we hadn't done it before. We didn't know what to expect. It was quite an experience.

We got to TARGET {why would we go anywhere else?} at 12 midnight and there was already a whole line of peeps! Kailey counted 99 people in fron tof us. By opening time at 4 am there were hundreds more.

We froze our bootays right off. It was freaking cold. We took shifts going to the car and getting hot chocolate and snacks at the Maverik. One time when Kay and I went there were some old hairy potential girl-snatchers that were talking about hitting on us...right next to us. It was awk and sick. After we went back and told Chris bout it we weren't allowed to leave anymore and he ran all our snack errands.

We got tired waiting in the mid of the night for 4 hours. And we got rowdy when idiots started to try to cut...had to throw some 'bows. But we also got our new TV for CHEAPY CHEAP! 46 incher and husband is in heaven. And we got most of our Christmas shopping done. Love me those deals.

I guess it was worth it. 4 hours cold wait time...1 hour aggressive shopping...2 hours in line inside the store. Somewhere in there I got severe cramps and also had to take my shoes off. But I feel closer to Target because of it...our bond has strengthened from those 7 hours. Worth it.


for THANKSgiving this year we drove up to St. George Utah where there was A LOT going on with A LOT of people we like. OMG {oh my golly} it was the BTE {best time ever} and we ate SMF {so much food} and had WTMF {way too much fun}. I don't know why the acrons are happening.

We seriously did too much to discuss. But I would like to rememb this history so I will record what parts of this week I feel Thankful for...

1. Thankful for all the good talks with my sisters. We laugh.. we cry.. we make fun of.. we love...its what we do.

2. Thankful for all the family we have and got to spend time with. I love that we have big families. Just THIS week in ST. G we got to be loved by sisters, brothers, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, there any other kind of fam that wasn't included in that?

3. Thankful for people that just try to force foods down our throats. Ok no one has to force it because we had no self control all week. But it was worth it because everything was delish.

4. Thankful for Black Friday sales.

5. Thankful we were able to be in St. G for my Dad and his lady love Lisa's wedding reception!

6. Thankful that {even though we didnt get to see some of my fave peeps in UT} we were smart and didn't drive up to SLC. I hate scary icy roads and it would've turned out to be a bad drive with husbs deadly cough and dangerous conditions. Dang you winter.

7. Thankful for fun games, funny people, and late nights. We had so much fun playing board games....its kind of ridiculous how much.

8. & Thankful for Hoosh's holiday Smoking Jacket {cry now because of the cuteness}...and having a cute yittle yoy to have fun with!

go HERE to see my facebook album of all the pics from the thanks week.