Monday, December 13, 2010

2 things

2 things made me laugh today. I mean...I have laughed probably 1112 times in all. But I'm not counting the lil lame laughs. Like when someone's phone changed a word they typed in a text to me this morning {i don't know why that gets me everytime}, or when I caught a glimpse of myself passing a mirror in walmart {i should not have been in public with that hair girl}, or when I was staring at the guy at the car wash with his fing up his nose and he was so shocked when he saw me watching that he jumped back in fright!! Hahaha. Those were just giggles.

These 2 things made me 'slap yo mama' laugh. And it's making me laugh right now because really out of all the tings that made me a-chuckle today...these 2 should not have been the gut busts. But the funny bone wants what it wants. these 2 things got me so good that they deserved a phone pic. And I am glad I snapped a lil shot of the laughers because now I can look back from time to time and laugh my melon-sized head off. HA!

piece of evidence #1: I threw a pile of clean laundry on the floor to fold and went back to put the next load in the dryer. While I was away {in the next room} Hooshie climbed on top and took himself a nice lil napper for 75 seconds. 'Cept I don't think he could find a comfy position because when I walked back in he was on his back... and when I said "HOOSHER"...he snapped up so fast you'd think he was awoken from a mid winter hibernation. And he just stared at me so puzzled....with the BED HEAD of the actually looks like a toupee. And its covering his eyes to where he can't see a thing. It'll get ya.....just stare at it for a 10 secs. Hahahaha!

After laughing in his face i felt like a bad mom so he now has a grooming appt set for fri.

evi #2: this hanging hilarity was hidden deep in the corner of our closet. Chris has a tie rack but the lil Hoo got a hold of it and its now one of his fave toys {it was a plastic circle one...not one of those electrics...but that would be hilar if that was H's new fave toy...hahaha...he's just sitting there pushing the lil button with a paw that makes the ties go round and that's getting me}. he has just been keeping his ties on a hanger in the corner of the closet. So when I went to hang one up today I find the source of my gut buster. All of his ties {you can't tell but there are like 20 on there!} just hanging on for dear sweet everlasting life lest they should hit the closet floor. {warning: its as hilarious as the 'hanging banana' incident}....

Guess its time to upgrade to a non-white-trash non-plastic way of hanging ties. I wonder if I'm the only person in the world that would laugh at stup things like these. I hope not...that's just sad....for me and everyone else. 'Twas a good day!


  1. i laughed! at both things. but esp the toupee! hahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaa!!!!

  2. Hahaha...M&M you crack me up....glad to see the pain killers are helping....:) I gotta vote for the tie rack....hilarity at its finest! :)


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