Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday...dun dun dun...

While we were in stizzle gizzle we decided to take on the crowds for BLACK FRIDAY! We were actually really excited because we're nerds and because we hadn't done it before. We didn't know what to expect. It was quite an experience.

We got to TARGET {why would we go anywhere else?} at 12 midnight and there was already a whole line of peeps! Kailey counted 99 people in fron tof us. By opening time at 4 am there were hundreds more.

We froze our bootays right off. It was freaking cold. We took shifts going to the car and getting hot chocolate and snacks at the Maverik. One time when Kay and I went there were some old hairy potential girl-snatchers that were talking about hitting on us...right next to us. It was awk and sick. After we went back and told Chris bout it we weren't allowed to leave anymore and he ran all our snack errands.

We got tired waiting in the mid of the night for 4 hours. And we got rowdy when idiots started to try to cut...had to throw some 'bows. But we also got our new TV for CHEAPY CHEAP! 46 incher and husband is in heaven. And we got most of our Christmas shopping done. Love me those deals.

I guess it was worth it. 4 hours cold wait time...1 hour aggressive shopping...2 hours in line inside the store. Somewhere in there I got severe cramps and also had to take my shoes off. But I feel closer to Target because of it...our bond has strengthened from those 7 hours. Worth it.

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