Sunday, December 19, 2010

Groom it out

Baby H and I had a grooming day while Husbee was at work on Fri. I dropped the boy off at the Pet Salon and I went over to the human salon. Baby had to get his furs cut short because he had some knots and what knot {haha}. I didn't want it too short because he needs his natural fur coat for the WA weather. So when my head was done getting worked on i picked Hooshie up and got a mini lecture from his stylist about brushing him 3 times a week so it doesn't have to be shaved and yada yada blah. So then i had to get my booty over to the store to get him a jacket because we are going to WASHINGTON in 2 days and he is gonna be a cold pup. The jacket I got ba-dorbo {that means adorable for those of you that don't speak....melissa}.

Before all that I was over at the human salon...and I needed a change. So I got iced out {sick o' those lowlights}. Went blondie mcblonde-head and cut off 6 inches {yes, we counted}!!! You would never guess it was that much because it's still not even short but those mugs were so long and split and scrag. So they were cut out of my life. And it feels gah-rate. Now we are all fresh and groomed and ready for our trip to the PNW {pacific northwest for all you non PNW-ers}.

I tried to take some phots of the new hairs with my webcam. I ended up taking like a gazillion and decided its imposs to take a pic with a dog....and a webcam. That last pic is me giving up.. haha!


  1. you're going to washington?!?!?! WHY???

    your hair is so cute :)

  2. We are IN WA right now because we are from WA! We just moved from WA to AZ in April. My family lives in Bonney Lake and my husbs lives in Marysville! And we have been to Spokane like 10 times....just fyi :)

  3. Lookin' good girl! Can't wait for the scoop on your Christmas post.


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