Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lows on the roads

The drive home from St.G to Chandler took about 6 and 1/2 hours. Wasn't too bad. After driving 12 hours back and forth form WA to ID all the time...anything less than that doesn't phase me. BUT we had some low points on this driving day. I had a great drive with my husbabe...we talked... we ate snacks...we made each other laugh. But there were some definite lows.

A. i lost my IPOD! I LOST my IPOD. Let that reality sink in. When you are on this road trip you can't get a consistent radio station. So we had no music THE WHOLE WAY. I also lost my fave tweezies. I can't decide which is worse. Which tells you how much I love those tweezies.

B. I had to pee behind a bush on the side of a small gravely Arizona freeway. And I don't think it was full enough to shield the pervy eyes of the others driving by. Tell me why there are no rest stops for millions of miles and then we find a rest stop on the freeway RIGHT NEXT to the city. We were watching for an hour and there was nothin. As soon as we get in the car from finally finding a gas station...we see a rest stop. A guy must have decided where those stops go. Haha!

C. we killed a feline. MURDERED DEAD! There was a orange and white tabby just standing there in the pitch black freeway road. If Chris would've swerved we would have hit a semi straight on. it was terrifying. Chris went into shock and thought he couldn't feel his arms. Which made me laugh and look like a jerk in the situation. poor guy was never taught not to run into the busy road with lots of impatient cars. R.I.P. Tabatha the tabby. The sound of you thud on the front bumper will forever haunt my dreams.

Getting home and snuggling with C and H in our warm familiar bed made me forget all the lows. Home sweet home ♥

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