Tuesday, December 7, 2010

random story day

I used to be completely mortified when my Mom would talk to any other living creature in public. I dare say I'd cringe with so much as a friendly "how old's your baby?" to a passerby. You would've thought that she was asking a stranger to borrow an adult diaper {haha...diapers for adults}. A lil later in my life I started loving when strangers would talk to me because I liked making the situation awkward to see how they react. Although I would have to make things up now and then to get a good reaction. Nowadays I love when anyone talks to me because it makes for an interesting day.

There are some interesting peeps out there. And there are some crazy peeps out there. I mean, have you ever seen an episode of Hoarders?! Craze. You never know when you're going to run into one of those types of people.

So on to my story: Recently husband and I were just walking down the bread isle in Fry's when an Indian woman stopped us and asked {in a very thick Indian accent} "boyfriend and girlfren or married?" We told her we were married and she just went off in excitement about how great it was that we were the right height for each other. How do you respond to that? Thanks? She then talked our ears off for literally 10 mins standing in that bread isle. She tells me about how I look EXACTLY like her daughter that is back in India. {Which I find rather hard to believe since she is Indian and I am Irish Mc'White'nburg.} She also commented on how my nose was the same length as one of her friends. Thanks again? We only picked up bits and pieces of what she was saying but she did tell us multiple times that her son always says "please don't beat me". wt-heck?

Anyway...when we started throwing out the signals that we were needing to move on.. she puts her hand up on my cheek and tells me she wants to leave us with a blessing of a happy life. Then does the same to Chris with the hand on the cheek... a lil longer than mine mind you. We wished her the same and walked away as she continued to stand there and watch us move along.

Creepy or kinda sweet/sad? See how I can't decide? But I like it because it confuses me. Later we passed her by the eggs and she was walking with a cane that came out of no where and acted like she had never seen us before in her life. We thought we were BFFs by now...since she touched our cheeks and all. But she had obvi forgotten about us in 15 minutes. I guess our relationship wasn't as meaningful as we thought it was.... It was like a flashback to high school dating days. Am I right ladies? Hahaha just kid. Kinda.

Sometimes I wish I could see the world through someone else's eyes. But most times I'm glad I don't. I think it would scare me. ;0

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  1. hahahaaha i love weird people! don't they make life great?? that indian lady is hilarious, i wish i could have met her or at least been a germy fly sitting on a bread bag. my family is totally used to me trying to make a perfectly normal situation awkward....but poor ben's family, not quite used to it yet!


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