Wednesday, December 1, 2010


for THANKSgiving this year we drove up to St. George Utah where there was A LOT going on with A LOT of people we like. OMG {oh my golly} it was the BTE {best time ever} and we ate SMF {so much food} and had WTMF {way too much fun}. I don't know why the acrons are happening.

We seriously did too much to discuss. But I would like to rememb this history so I will record what parts of this week I feel Thankful for...

1. Thankful for all the good talks with my sisters. We laugh.. we cry.. we make fun of.. we love...its what we do.

2. Thankful for all the family we have and got to spend time with. I love that we have big families. Just THIS week in ST. G we got to be loved by sisters, brothers, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, there any other kind of fam that wasn't included in that?

3. Thankful for people that just try to force foods down our throats. Ok no one has to force it because we had no self control all week. But it was worth it because everything was delish.

4. Thankful for Black Friday sales.

5. Thankful we were able to be in St. G for my Dad and his lady love Lisa's wedding reception!

6. Thankful that {even though we didnt get to see some of my fave peeps in UT} we were smart and didn't drive up to SLC. I hate scary icy roads and it would've turned out to be a bad drive with husbs deadly cough and dangerous conditions. Dang you winter.

7. Thankful for fun games, funny people, and late nights. We had so much fun playing board games....its kind of ridiculous how much.

8. & Thankful for Hoosh's holiday Smoking Jacket {cry now because of the cuteness}...and having a cute yittle yoy to have fun with!

go HERE to see my facebook album of all the pics from the thanks week.

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