Friday, December 3, 2010


We've got a weirdie on our hands ladies and gents. Our cute lil butternut squashface has been showing some signs of serious 'unnecessary yet entertaining' weirdi-ness. I'm not just talkin the whole 'chase your tail' or 'chasing cars' bits. That is normal weird dog stuff. This guy likes to think outside the small doggy mind box.

I have this lacy netting that I decorated the mirrored closet door with. It's s'cute. When I am sitting in front of the mirror attempting to salvage my sleep face by putting on my makeup Hooshie always lays right on top of the extra netting that bunches at the bottom. I don't know if the planets weren't aligning or what...but this one day I walk into my room from pouring the most delicious glass of choco milk {i need a glass now} and I see the furball just standing like this...

Hahahahaha! What a fabulous little freak. Just staring and looking sad. Almost like he doesn't notice it's there. Usually he would freak if something was put over his head.

Then when we got home from our Thanksgiving travels this week... weirdness struck again. We had just gotten home and were workin hard to bring everything inside from the car {my worst part of traveling...I will look for ANY excuse to not help...and I'm not ashamed}. I walked in the front door with my heavy load {and by heavy I mean my purse and some congo bars} and I see the small man standing perfectly still like this...

I have no idea how that got around his neck. or why he was staring straight ahead. or why he stood there long enough for me to snap a pic. mysterious bugga.

All I have to say is you are on top of your game Mr. Hooshington. Keep this up and I'm gonna have to start calling you the late Michael Jackson...because he's black AND white AND a total weirdie. Get it?!! MJ must be his new nickname. Oh I love my jokes. It's late...I need sleep. All hail the king of pop!

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  1. I think he just didn't get enough blog post so he had to step up his game....that's why he waits for the pictures:)


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