Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Martha, Oh Christmas.

Christmas Day 2011.
 We did everything we wanted to this Christmas season. And let me tell was just full O' joy. 

Being the nomads we are...we always spend Christmas day somewhere different. This year we stayed at home, here in AZ. It was awesome. Every member of my side of our family came to town and we had the best time just enjoying each other's company. The perk of being adults.

Christmas Eve dinner. My Mom is so good.
We had a big Christmas Eve and a mellow Christmas day. That's how we do.
My sibs. The Conner kids. All together...first time in a loooong time.
We were on opposing teams for Christmas Eve "Minute to win it" games.
Whipped Cream Christmas trees!!! Ahhhhh! hilar.
  Bless you Christmas. You're the most wonderful time of the year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be a Grinch.

Since The Grinch is the #1 best Christmas movie and maybe....let's say...#4 best overall movie of all time {according to my list} we decided to host a Green Grinch night to kick off the Christmas season.

'Twas a jolly good time. A big green veggie tray. Lots of minty desserts. Some fleecey Grinch PJ pants. A biiiiig comfy living room floor bed. Our fave Grinch-lovin guests full of holiday spirit. And, of course, The Grinch...the movie...we watched it.

 Fun for all. Merry Merry.
One of the many green food attractions. Mint chocolate chip cooks.
KizKat and I got some Grinch face hosting pants :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's chilly.

It's 46 degrees here in Gilbert, AZ at this moment. The coldest I think I've ever been in this valley of the sun. But I have no problem with it because I got to turn this bad boy on today...

{I just snapped this pic with my phone 45 seconds ago... I can't believe the clarity.  well done iphone. i love you}

... and it's literally 5 steps away from my desk. My toes can almost thaw from the flames. Almost. Plus I brilliantly brought my husb's super-soft oversized zip-up hoodie of magic to ruin my work outfit and cozy up in at my desk.

Magical hoodie + Fireplace. And I'm expected to stay awake AND work?

It's a good thing I don't have any access to hot apple cider right now...because the straining attempt I am making to stay awake and focus and keep my mind off of body pillows and snuggling and what I'm gonna buy Chris for our anniversary in a couple weeks...would be dunzo. Hello Monday. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks & Giving.

Hayes family pic. St. George. November 2011.
We traveled up to the lovely red-rocky land of St. George Utah for our Wed-thru-Sun Thanksgiving break this 2011. And what a turkish delight it was.
                                  We squoze all these funs into our trip:
  • Sweaty hat night. A tradition my friends and I started back in college where everyone has to wear sweats and a hat and you all hit up Denny's for some greasy breakfast in the mid of the night. None of us had hats with us so Kailey made us all balloon hats to rock. They were sweet. Obvi.
  • We had a fantastic and scrumptious Thanksgiving feast made by Lisa. And a sweet-as-sugar family thankful sesh.
  • We just had to partake in the crazy people madness of Pre Black Friday waiting. Straight posted up outside of Target. It was a load of fun, freezy cold and wildly entertaining... to say the least. Scored some deals...and only had to throw a few elbows...that's right...don't think I wont bust a fake cap...cutters. :)
  • And after those spicy main events..we soaked up the good company shopping, getting pedicures, seeing Breaking Dawn for the second time, had visits from old friends, a second Thanksgiving dinner with the Hayes fam {yum!}, Christmas gift exchange, family pictures, game night...etcetc
and then a long trip home...Me, Chris, Kimmie, Kobe and Hooshie and the black friday TV...all in the MavMobile...

As always..I am thankful for my family... immediate, step, in-laws, extended..and most one and only forever. ♥

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't wanna wait.

Of course I saw Breaking Dawn right when it came out on the big screen. And I loved it {the wedding scenes. the dress. holy love-plums.} BUT my fave part of the moviegoing experience was the preview section. Because of Channing and Rachel and their new movie. The Vow. The ultimate Chick Flick.  I already decided it's in my top 3 favorite movies of 2012. No matter what. Possibly ever. Chris thinks I am jumpin the gun on thata one. But I just know that on Valentine's day I am going to be watchin this romantic lovefest... that is based on true events that are sure to tug at my heart-strings...and planning my purchase of that mug the moment it hits the shelves of Target. I will die if I dont have it in my possession a.s.a.humanly.p.

Feast your eyes...and your obsession... upon this "iwannalaughandcryandfallinloveallatthesametime" trailer....

Loves. The other two best movies of 2012? Obvi one is Breaking Dawn part 2. And the other is... The first Hunger Games. Can't wait. Coming out my birth week. Happy Birthday to me. Mark my words. Word.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow White & Rocky

{Man's Best Friend}
I got a new phone a coup weeks ago. It's called an iPhone...have you ever heard of it? Prob not...its made by a lil teeny tiny company named after a crunchy fruit. Granny Smiths.

Husb got the black one and I got the white beaut {4S'}. Aaaand we had to name them...since we name all of our possessions. So mine is appropriately named Snow White. My niece Luli is obsessed with that Princess lately so it only seems right..since its white and snowy and beautiful and all. And Chris named his Rocky. I suggested Black Beauty...but he obvs declined. When I asked why Rocky he said {and I quote} from the Rock and Rocky Balboa.  So that explains that. Hahaha!

We love them. Best phones ever. Except when Siri gets an attitude with you when you're trying to make her do something. You work for me...gadget! dang.

Throw ya app suggestions at me yo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 Erry-thing is funny.

Sometimes I get a little delirious as a result of being overcome by the sheer joy that is laughtarity. I laugh at something simple and delicate. But it was so pleasant that I begin laughin unnecessarily after that. no one knows why. This happens to me often. An example of this insanity replays HERE. You know when your body seems to be yearning to..bust a gut...if you will. Welp...that's how I feel rye naw. Well actually right now I am just sittin in my comfs in silence just watching my sister Kiz sleeping on the couch with her face straight into a pillow and wondering how she's breathing...and if she's breathing...maybe I should check on that. Hahaha! seriously I'm worried at about a 4 on a 1-10 scale.

So anyway onto my I took my pants off after work {the completely normal way} to put on comfs and just left my pants on the floor becaaaaause..umm...I have too many other ways to make my Mom proud. So I walked into the closet to put on my J. Timberlake fallopian tube sweats {of course}...couldn't find I pulled on my mavsgear pants...and walked casually back into the bedroom. And right there I was stopped by a hilarious little student named Jean apparently raising her hand with a question...I can't wait for you to see it...omg I'm crackin...Jean the student...ok look.....

Bwaaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaheep! crackle cackle ha! Just stickin it to the roof. What is going on here? I literally cannot think of anything else when I look at this except that my pants are raising their hand with a very pressing question. I want to frame this and laugh at it erry-day. It's the ordinary things that just really get my goat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let me tell ya about my job

She works haaaard for the $money$! Why yes...yes I do...thank ya. This summa I started a new full time j.o.b. I am working for an Internet Retailer called Select Shops which sells blinds, rugs, bedding, fans and lighting. Home decor...if you will. Our company's claim to fame is that we supply all of the rugs and window coverings for the show Extreme Makeover:Home Edition {i cry every time}. And we've just started working with some shows on the Oprah Winfrey Network! I am the Merchandising Coordinator for the rugs merchandise department. & I dig it.

I love my office building which is basically a model trendhome in office building form. Gorgeous Italian style with a big fountain outside the giant front doors and incredible wooden floors and a rad lobby with table hockey and shelves of free snacks and drinks... and I have a granite counter top desk and we're always having contests{i never win} and parties and...I could go on and on. It's actually in the same building as a wedding reception hall. And on Fridays we often see people in tuxes and gowns wander into our office and tell us they're here for the wedding. And we get to laugh and make them feel awkward...then direct them to right place o'course. It's just a great place to work.

People ask me what I do and it's one of those things where I do a lotta diff things and some of it won't make sense to people so I say something like this: My day to day is pretty much organizing and managing all the rugs online which includes 60K+ of those guys. So that's fun. I am part of the merchandising team and together we make sure the products are online and look good so people want to buy them! I've made some good and interesting friends {stories about them will come later ;) }and its a lovely atmosphere.

A couple of pics I've snapped while at the work-kingdom...

My work room. My desk is just to the right there. Balloons are for a white party we were having.
This is the ceiling above my desk. It's magical and sometimes I get a neck cramp staring at it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's because I kinda love him. a lot.

My plush pickled perfect pleasant puddin puppin puppernickle is two today! Yep...the Hoosher celebrated his second birthday on this gorgeous Sabbath day. And since I love that little guy more than anything in life {besides my husband or something} we super celebrated for him....puppy style. 

After our awe-inspiring church meetings C, KizKat and I took Hooshie and his best friend Kobe to the all time best doggie park in the entire East Valley {or at least within 2 miles of my house :)} The baby boys had a fantast time meeting, chasing, sniffing, and occassionally mounting all of the other dogs and we cracked-a-gut with the entertaining sight.  Later at our weekly fam din we had an Albertson's Cookie cake {the only thing better than plain Albie's cooks} and Puppy Chow for us humans...and the dogs has sprinkled PB dog cookies and the wet dog food they usually never get. I know...I'm the nicest dog mom ever. We also got Hoo an adorb new argyle collar and bone-shaped name tag with our new phone numbers on it...and I may have almost cried just thinking about him getting lost and someone needing to use those numbs. I love my lil man and he has been the best lil blessing to our mini fam the last two years.

Bone and pawprints border...omg..obsess.
Like father like son. Wild and adorb :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's a must!

I have forgotten a wonderful an id-jit {idiot..}! The package post. In October we got a special HALLOWEEN PACKAGE {yeeks!} from my Moth-In-Law. Let me just tell you that in the month of October the woman was insanely busy...what with her son getting married in which she had to get the whole family to Vegas, hosting an Open House for that wedding the weekend before she was moving, preparing to uproot and move the family from Wash to Cali, AND working full time {all on top of a million regular life things}....and she still managed to send us an outstanding Halloween Package to make us feel good and keep up with the tradish. What a great Mom. There's not much better than getting a big heavy package stuffed with delicious, spooky and adorab themed goods from all over the the great state...that was put together with love. "I have a delivery for the of 3".

Much appreciated. Love her!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Penelope Pinkerton

That's Mrs. Penelope and Ms. Pinkerton to all us humans. These tennie loves are my new workout shoes. and they are screamingly sick-stremely pink! And the way that they joined my feet family was just brilliant and unuse.

So there we were {C and I} in the eye-popping shoe-lined wondrous aisles of DSW. I was happily sportin two different {but equally as sexy} black stilettos. I had one my legs propped up like a flaming flamingo so I could see how the other one looked standing on its own. and while I was checkin out my own left shoe feast I suddenly feel someone slip the sexy stilt right off of my raised foot and slip something much more clunky and comfy right on in its place. Chris seriously straight up snuck off while I was rambling and found some sneaks that he loved and just had to see me in them. Hahahaha! My first instinct was to tell him to wait one hot minute before he tries to remove a stilette from a heel loving dame...but it was just so cute how he was actually diggin the pink sneaks.

The best part is that HE loved them so much while I was all like "yeah they're coo super pink". He insisted on buying them...marched them to the front... and got them into that brown and black bag. While I followed behind dreaming bout those black beauts. So I got some new workout shoes. And I like them. And my husband loves them. And now maybe I will make it to the gym more know...since I'll have Penelope Pinkerton with me ;)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello Headboard.

Ever since moving into our house I have a serious case of you say..."being obsessed with wanting to decorate every square inch of the place but don't not having the time or resources to do it". That's a real thing. I have a very specific style when it comes to home decor. And pieces for that style are unfortunately a lil hard to come by. Plus I might be a little bit of you say...stubborn perfectionist. That's what I hear from the people that know me best :) So I end up making a lot of things so I can have exactly what I want....instead of settling for something close that's just not gonna cut it.

Our master bedroom has been my latest project and most elements in the room have fallen victim of the DIY option. And it's been tote worth it. BUT there was one project that I was putting off because I knew it'd be a biggin. The {fitforaKing} Headboard. The focal point of the room.

But I'm happy, relieved and proud to say that my crafty Queen Mom and I came together to design and create the most beautiful headboard known It was def a process but it is just the best feeling to turn something that was just a pencil sketch on a piece of raggedy paper turn into decor reality....from scratch. I love it.
The lovely hannah headboard.

The amaze fabric. Soft, textured and luxurious. Ooh la la!

Our room feels complete with the new piece.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The past 5 weeks...

I haven't blogged in twelve and a half years. And it feels really awkwardly weird. But I am so far behind that I feel like I can never ketchup {catch the food form}.  I have been waaaay...wu-hay busy in real life. The month of October was insane and deliciously entertaining. And our November plans look like our hectic schedules are gonna simmer down a bit. Which will be a nice lil takeabreath break right before the busy holiday season hits. Can I just say I really like my life as it stands? Because I do. I've got a good set-up goin and it feels good to just be currently content.

Ketchup time! Or catsup...if you prefer the off-brand. Hahahaha! What we be doin: Lots of working. Lots of parties. Lots of traveling.

My BIL (bro-in-law) got married in Vegas! We drove up for the occasion and had so much fun with the whole Hayes clan. I was a seriously great and hilarious time. And we now have a new sister in law AND our first Nephew. Love.
The Hayes kids (minus Beb) and their loves at the Las Vegas temple
The following weekend we flew up to Washington for Dan & Bri's open house in Marysville. I got to help my MIL put the whole thing together and it was a full-blown blast.
 Some of our adorable wedding decor.
My WA girls at the open house!

While we were in Washington my sis Kimmie moved from San Diego to Arizona!!!!!! Yee haw! That makes the 10th family member to move down here since we've been here. We're thrilled to have Kimmie and her doggie Kobe with us...and so is Hooshie...they're best buds.

Kiz & Kobez on Halloween
On Halloween we had a big party to celebrate the holiday(o'course) and Mombo's birthday! Costumegamesandallthemedfood = thebesttimeinlife.
The Bat family! Hahahahaha Both of my boys are just hanging their arms and not tryin to take a pic. And Chris' undies hahahahahaha!!!!!
And we are happy to report that the whole HAYES home base is currently leaving their Washington home and moving down to San Diego {or surrounding area}!!!! Every one of our family members is now within driving distance. Oh glorious day. Can't wait to visit ;)

And on to November!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's on me phone

So upon starting a blog post I realized that ALL of the pictures I have taken recently have been with my poopy Blackberry phone camera. My snazzy SLR camera just sitting on my dresser going to waste.

But then I got sup-ah excited because I realized I could steal an idea off of one of my fave blogs Leather and Lace {that chick is hilari} and do a new lil installment called "What's on my phone?". Basically I put the pics I've taken on my phone on this bloggin mug and it shows a little of what I've been doin and seein lately.

Howexcitingitsgoingtobesointerestingtoseewhatsonmyblackberry!!!! ahem...
H got his tail stuck in some weeds in our jungle of a backyard. Hahahahahaha! He had no idea what to do...just stared at me in terror. I had to crack up then take a couple pics before I unhooked it. Bad dogmom.

I've been redoing our bedroom and one crafty I did was this jewelry holder. Paint and new knobs does wonders.

Est turned 16 last week and I made her cake. She wanted an ultimate Reese's cake. So It's yellow cake with Reeses PB chunks inside, middle layer of Peanut Butter frosting, with Reeses Pieces and Reeses PB cups on Top. yum. gimme dat.

This is inside the ladies room at the comedy club in Mesa. What the red and blue?! Crazycool {90's}. Is it awkward to be snapping pics while people are in stalls going potty? Oh well.

Chris is officially an ASU student a.k.a a SunDevil. And is now obsessed with Sundevil attire. And everytime I'm at a store and see said attire....I pic message him...and ask yay or nay. It's fun. This shirt is his fave so far.

Hoo is now the son of a Sundevil. How adorb is this Handsome "sun"devil outfit?!?! LOVE.

My Boss's car. He often walks by the front door of the office just to make sure it's still there and looking pretty. Rich mo.

We have been having GORGEOUS summer Arizona sunsets. I dig 'em.

H feels really cool going on car rides with his parents. So cool that he feels the need to have one arm up on the 'sill. Now he just needs some mini sun-G's. Hahaha!

Apparently my phone is full of Hooshie moments. At least recent ones. We'll see what next week brings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Vid

The third and FINAL episode. This vid includes glorious events from a couple different days...the weekend... if you will. Dad, Lisa and Kailey drove down from Utah for Labor Day weekend so we wrapped up our week of fun with more fun peeps!!!

Friday night Kailey and Chris joined. And all day and night Saturday we had Christie's family... Dad, Lisa and Kake....Me, Chris and Amber...AND Kailey's Homecoming date and his twin bro. Let me tell ya...It was a blast and a half! Take a look-see...

Awwwwww. I loved having Amber here. Now I've 3/4's convinced her to move down here when she graduates college.

VIDEO THOUGHTS? Of course I have them.
  • Those laughs...we were "real laughing" too hard to get any fake realistic laughs out.
  • Comedy shows HATE us. We drove to Scottsdale to attend a show..and I didn't have my ID to get into the club. THEN we changed plans and were gonna go to an improv comedy show in Mesa and we seriously bought tickets and sat down for the show and they came onto the stage and said it was CANCELLED! wtf.
  • That's why we went bowling....SKITTLES bowling. The only way to bowl.
  • Why am I always doing the robot? I was also line dancing in the alley..but we didn't catch that lil specialty.
  • That dark part at the end there where you basically just see moving lights...that was Lazer tag. The guys loved it. And the girls all just screamed and ran around. Hahaha. Cracked me up.

DBacks and Big Bang!

The next night....

How cute is Amber singing with that guy playing guitar on the street in Phoenix? And how cute am I looking like a cracked out white trash alchie?! Adorable..i know.

Funniest pic of the whole week?! Well I'll tell you....that pic of the random hat guy in the piano bar holding the "WHORE" sign on his head. Bahahahahhahahaha. We had no idea why. He would randomly set it atop his noggin every once and again. Hilar.

Other thoughts: Yes I almost hit that older gentlehuman in the face when I was acting out the words to "Take me out to the ballgame". And I loved it because I knew we got it on record. Haha!

Second...Those of you who know Amber know she LOVES herself some John Mayer. Obsessed. So you saw Amb walk on stage to give the pianomen a request so nicely written on a napkin and accompanied by a dollar bill or two? Yeah...they never played it. Rude. She requested "anything by John Mayer". Can I get a lil "Gravity" up in this place?! Geez.

The final epi coming up....yeeeeeee


Just as I promised the world...Amber and I had a fab time whilst she was in my town. I mean seriously one of the tip top on the list of eventful and fun filled weeks. Our goal was to not give into the easy way out and do the same ol' same ol' of going to the chain restaurant and a movie every night. And we didn't. We successfully packed every day with enjoyable, interesting and entertaining items. Plus we always have a hilari time we had that to fall back on.

Instead of just pictures I have an AmberLynn creation to share. A.K.A videos of our adventures that she made while I was at work everyday. They're really pretty great.

I just have to defend my outerbody for a sec and say that yes I looked disgust and not "put together" most of the time because everyday I literally bum rushed home from work...changed into whatever was clean and headed out with Amb {lookin all cute and what not} so we had plenty of time to play. Stupid full time job. worth it. is the first vid....

Hahaha...Yee haw!! Explanation: I am terrified to my deepest deep core of Alligators/ when we turned the corner and saw that jumbo, hot air filled, creepily positioned Alligator of death...we both gasped and freaked. Then it was funny on a later date.

2nd Explanation:
Yes, that hooliganic adolescent in the blue shirt was making fun of the way I was jumping from tramp to tramp. But it's cool...we made friends with the lil dude and all his "much sweeter than our moves" moves.

Episode 2 will be on the next post-it...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ambie Bambi

My best Amber is here visiting ME for a week. And I am just thrilled to the brim. We gonna have the best of times...we have the whole week planned with entertaining items....'cept right now she's back at my house watching every single episode of HIMYM ever made while I work like a sucker. But AFTER we're gonna play and eat and gab and flip and take pictures. Because that's what we do. Wish us fun!


She was determinded to get Hoo to warm up to her...and she succeeded.

Cute hair alert! And her face in the other mirror. Hahahaha!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweet and terribly terrible

This made me cry. At the workplace. But I planned to tell anyone that asked that I had just yawned and it made my eyes water. Brilliant liar...I know.

The story goes as follows....A Navy Seal was tragically killed from a grenade in Afghanistan. This Navy seal was extremely close with his dog (he called his dog "son". sob) and his dog was in attendance at his funeral. In the middle of the service the dog walks up to the front and laid down right in front of the casket and let out a huge sigh. He lay at the foot of the casket the rest of the funeral. Loyal until the end. Heart wrenching.

And the picture is what seals the deal. The picture on the casket was even a pic of him with his pup. I love them both. So heart breaking. It's awful. How did he know it was him in the casket? Had to share.

Made me think of how Hooshie follows me everywhere I go...even when I'm in the bathroom he lays at the door and sticks his paws under trying to scratch to get in. I love my dog.

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 weeks ago

Continuing the updates....three weeks ago we had Kake and Brecks and KizKat and Dad-Bo's visit for Lyddie's baby blessing. We hosted a family game night and then had a luncheon at Jaspa after the babe blessing. I am obsessed with my family. Good and plenty times. Pictures please....
{Easter, KizKat(& Lyddie), Mombo, KikiFrog (&Luli), Kake, and Moi}
Nuh-huuuthing better than seeing this sexy man carrying a baby-filled car seat.
Obvi perfectly pleased my FAVORITE sister {that has black hair} came to AZ for the first time.

We live for these little buttons.

Friday, August 5, 2011

move & groove

Lots and lots of updates to be done from the past 2 weeks. First and the sublime power of wishful thinking and shameless plugging of the perks of the state of Arizona I, Melissa Hayes, singlehandedly convinced the mothership to move to AZ. YES single-handedly. It definitely did not have anything to do with two grandkids or my sister living here or Scott's new job in the southwest region or getting out of the washington rain or great consideration and thought and prayer of what's best for the family. It was all my power of persuasion.

'Tis true. Chris, Hooshie and I moved down here last year on a whim with no immediate family nearby. Prepared the land for all the family to follow. Now... my sister's family of 4 is 12 minutes away. And LAST WEEK my Mom, Scott {her husband}, and Easter and Nepper {step-sibs} have moved to the great ol' state of Arizona. And not only that but the mothership has landed just 2 miles away from our lovely lil house Jaspa. Just a hop skip and a jump away.

This time last year I was all alone in a new land while my husb worked late. Now I have a mother a sister and nieces all within my reach. And the plans are already in motion for the next victims of my persuasion. Kimmie........Mom and Dad Hayes....we're comin for you. Muahaha!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Snappin my fingers cause I feel so FREEE! I can blog freely again because I thankfully have wireless set-up. The husb and I had quite a quaint lil evening of Pand Ex for dinner, stop in at Costco for some stinky protein mix stuff and a stop at Best Buy for a new wireless router and home to watch Teen Mom {well I watched TM and he played on his IPAD} ! I didn't realize not having wireless would be so annoy. But it really truly is unbearable...for us at least. I can't spend too much time at the computer when it's plugged into the wall and I'm forced to be sitting at a chair. I'm not a chair sitter. I'm a comfort addict. I like to snuggle and slouch. For situation right this second... tucked in me bed, with me computer propped on a pillow, and a DDP on me nightstand, and me Hoosher cuddled up next to me. Heavenly haven. Christofferson will walk in the door from the gym any second and I will make him get the clothes out of the dryer so I don't even have to get up ever again and I will feel complete.

Thank you've made my bubble a happy place to be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Happy Baby

Kimmie and I have been planning a baby shower for Christie for weeks. We LOVE our oldest sister so so much and are so so happy she gave us another niece to obsess over. That sis KizKat and I love to plan a good party. BUT we couldn't have the celebration until Kimmie AND Mombo were in town. Bad plan peeps. This ordeal is why people have baby showers months in advance. You can't makes plans around when a baby decides it wants to come outta there. ya just can't.

So we scheduled the shower for Christie's Birthday so we could have a shower AND birthday party in one. Baby was originally due dated July 19th. And the party was planned for the 16th. Then the due date was CHANGED to the 9th but baby didn't come on the due date. So an induction was planned for the 13th. But had to be pushed to the 14th. Then the induction got pushed back another day due to an overloaded hospital. So she didn't even get to go in until the 15th and baby didn't want to arrive until the 16th. This made for a very uncomft mommy and a very "unable-to-happen" party. We just wanted that baby to love on. And Christie just wanted to not be in the hospital for her birthday. But she was outta the hospital the next morning and was determined to have the party before everyone left town. So just over a day after delivering the lil cupcake we decided to make the party happen. whew doggies! Mommy gets what mommy wants. and mommy wanted a party.

So we got to have the Baby'Cakes' themed party!!!! Weeee! It was so much fun putting all of our ideas together with Kimmie. And o'course mom worked out everything we couldn't. It was perfect and the Lotts all loved it. Lots of cakes themed things. Presents. photo booth. lovie loving guests. Milk and cookies station {my fave}. wish tree. Games. And just the best way to celebrate 2 birthdays and a baby. It turned out just the way we wanted. The best first party ever for Baby Lydia...if i do say so myself ;)

Feast your eyes on the cake-ness...

Welcome the new little BabyCake to the world!

My living room all ready to roll. oh hello eggplant walls..nice to see you.

creative foods taste better for some reason...

Pan'cakes' and syrup

Babies 'n blankets

How adorb is the baby carriage made of fruits?! My moms talent on display.

The guessing game. i didn't even know crybabies were still around...

Cupcakes, rice cakes, cheesecakes, cake pops and birthday cake. Sense the theme?

Milk and Cookies station {with Albie's cookies obvi}

Baby cake pops were the favors. Hahaha. Mom said they look like alien pigs. THEY'RE BABIES OK?!

The proud aunties and the baby bops Liddy and Luli!

To see ALL of the pictures from the shower in excruciating detail you can view my facebook album riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE. Just click there or HERE!