Sunday, January 30, 2011

and in sports news....

Let me just explain some solid facts real quick. Chris is a hardcore Celtics fan. I am a loyal Mavericks fan. Those are our teams no questions asked no matter what. That being said...since we are soaking up the whole Arizona experience...The Suns are our adoptive team...just so we can go to games and have someone to crazily cheer for and what have you. I mean....Nash has been my second favorite player in the league since he was a MAV...PLUS my favorite color is its fitting and it's fate.

So Chris and I redeemed him birthday present I got him and went to the Suns game on Wednesday night against the Bobcats. It was SO MUCH FUN. so much. Once in an arena i get extremely NBA obsessed. I'm obsessed with the whole atmosphere. And also once I get a single glimpse of someone famous...even just a wee nibble...i get extremely star struck.

So picture this....there we are a couple mins before tipoff and chris is reviewing player's stats and I'm gawking at...everything. Suddenly I spot the one earring wearing, security protected, all attention getting, Space Jam starring, shiny bald headed legend himself....the one and only...can you handle this...MICHAEL freaking JORDAN! Goodness gracious great balls of fire. He walks in and sits to watch his team {the bobs}. and we happen to be sitting behind the visitors bench....20 rows back but still. we were only 20 rows away from MJ! I stared at the back of his bald as can be head for at least half of the game waiting to obsess over his every move. after we got over the initial shock of being in the legends presence...i got back to marveling at the wonder that is Steve Nash {i love his nash-ty hair. haha}

During a time out we decide we need to text everyone that would care that we are in the same room as Michael Jordan. which would be our family membs and none else. My favorite response was from my brother...he texted back: "Throw something at him. The greatest basketball player in the history of all life as we know it. better do something to make him look at you."

hahahahahaha. only scottee. Meanwhile, my little sister responds by sending me pic messages of her outfit for the next day and asking my advice. ohhhh...the difference between boys and girls. joke....subway subs start falling from the ceiling with little parachutes attached to them. we didn't catch one but Chris looked at me in awe and said "I'm at an NBA game with my girl, Michael Jordan is sitting in front of us, one of my fantasy basketball players just scored for me and subway is falling from the sky. this is the best day ever". Hahahahaha. that guy.

we now have a life goal to own season tickets. muah!

Friday, January 28, 2011

perfection. in cookie form.

these scrumptious stuffed sweets caught my eye {obvs they would} on another blog and I had to try the recipe immediately. The result made me happier than the day I realized there were other clothing options than overalls. two of my all time favorites mixed into one. my lanta..try these suckas out.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! Best thing ever? quite possibly. You think that its gonna be weird and you're gonna bite into a hard oreo. but you're wrong...the chocolate cookies soften and it all kinda melts together.

{this is right out of the oven..still kinda doughie.}

To check out how to make these lovely littles you can visit THIS blog. thank me later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scrub a dub dub

I always wanted to wear scrubs. & Now that I do wear them I don't know why the idea was so glorious back then. I IS nice feeling like you're wearing PJs all day....or comfies as I like to call 'em. & it's no secret that they just look suuuper sexy... i think i'll try to give myself a 'McDreamy' or 'McSteamy'-esque nickname and try to get other people in the office to call me it.

& I just really like being a dental assistant so I can practice on my dog and husb with various items around the house as instruments. no matter what they may say...they love it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

say what.

I like to answer questions about myself. Because myself is my favorite subject. & I like when people judge me. Ok the for real reason is because I have about 1.5 hours during the day at work when the kids sleep and I just clean up legos then check blogs and shop online.

So...I just discovered this Q&A thingmajig from a Cyberfriend's blog {can't believe I just used the word cyber but i feel good bout it} and it's just really entertaining to me. So now I have one of these Question Corners {just to the left there <---} and I am publicly announcing it so someone will ask me questions so I can talk about myself and cut down on my lego playing I time. So...feel free to ask as ya may. And if no one asks me questions then I am quiting my job and tattooing an "L" to my forehead. Because I can only take so much free time for cryin out loud {laugh laugh laugh}. The other day I got so desperate that I turned on Bridalplasty. BRIDALPLASTY! and it made me think less of myself for being a viewer. But I am a pretty interesting person once you get past the guarded and sarcastic personality. And everyone else get this question thing and I will ask you ridic questions. loves it.

and ps. Apparently it's all if you have something you've wanted to say to me without me knowing it's would be the time. muahaha.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Curse of the Crafts

I have yet another curse. I like to call it...wait for it....The Curse of the CRAFTS! Remember when I was cursed with THIS? Same type o' deal here. I just started noticing a pattern. Call it what chu may...laziness...carelessness...but I call it an old fashioned curse.

So here's the deal. EVERYTIME I have been "crafting" {if you will} these past couple of months... something bad happens. Just to name a few: I get green paw prints tracked through my live room, I hot glue stained my pants, my wreath melted, and now...I 9th degree burned myself!

I was gluing the par-cheesy lil VDay trinkets to the wreath when I dropped some freshly hot glue enhanced lips onto my big toe!!! I let out a string of replacement curse words to help me deal with the momentary pain in Tammy the Toe. I ripped the lips off my toe {something I never thought I'd say} and beheld the disturbing scene. The hot glue PEELED the skin OFF my toe!!! How hot can that glue be? So now I have like a 9th degree burn and it hurts to shower and my stup dog keeps trying to lick it. not kidding. it's so nast. I took a pic JUST for this blog to make it more dramatic.

WARNING: this photo may or may not be as bad as I have made it out to be but the wetness of the injury will make you barf. And just remember...I didn't slice my toe with a cheese grater like it may look like...this is from a drop of hot glue!

Ewwwwwww. I know. I put a pic of my open wounded TOE on my blog for everyone to see. But what can I say...I like to keep it real. And I want everyone to feel bad for me. Send me Albertsons cookies if you do. Thanks. I'll keep you updated on the curse. It's getting pretty serious.

Monday, January 17, 2011


My two favorite things of the day.

1. I found a dollar in the pocket of my black jeans that I decided to slip on today. Only a dollar. But it was a small victory on my day off. Gonna go buy a QT delight with it.

2. I jumped on the bed where Husband was laying and gave him a huuuuge smooch. He pulled away and gave me a funny look then said "Did that taste like whoopie cushion?". Hahahahahahahahahaha! whoopie cushion. hahaha! he had just blown one up. so we proceeded to use the whoop cush and it cracked us up.

My day wasn't too eventful :)

Time for my VDay Wreath... it is...the candy wreath I made for Valentine's Day.

Yes, I do realize that they do look like VDay erasers you would get in elementary school. But it really is candy. But it does NOT taste good. Kinda like candy corn...but even more plasticky. But i think it looks pretty lovie and cute. The candy shapes include lil cupids, lips and hearts! so sweet.

If you come visit I won't hold it against you if you take a lil lick to see what I mean. 'Cept it has a sealant spray on it so that might not be such a good idea. But Happy Early Valentine's day peeps! Love ya!

Dresser Up!

I've had a spark of crafty inspiration recently. Soooo I started like 6 craft projects at one time. And I've just finished 2 of them. The first was a dresser I bought off E-Bizzy {ebay o'course} and I repainted it to match our room!
The dresser in original form...

Pretty much complete {minus the white vinyl detailing I'm gonna add}...


After. The pink items are part of another craft project in the works {!}

Now I'm pouting because I want my mom and sisters to be here to help me with the others. Hirumph.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy BDay to the Man O' The House!

My husb is 26! Chris and his Brother Dan are the same age for 2 weeks {which I think is just rully cool}.

I love celebratin'. So we partied all day. And by 'partied' I mean: chocolate milk toast at midnight to start the day off right, breakfast in bed {i finally accepted the fact that I am an awf breakfast food maker. just awf!}, opened presents after work, then had a FIESTA at our place with his work friends {& my friends Mel and Braxie ;)}. And my version of the term 'Fiesta' comes complete with Squirt margaritas, a taco bar, non-hispanic music, non-hispanic games and chocolate kit kat and PB chips cake! Of course, all the guys turned the night into "The Pacific" watching party. But hey...its a guy thing. Had to be a fun night for Chris.

PLUS at the end of the night after everyone left I got to surprise C with a lil "Chris words guessing game". Which included tons of "Chris Words" {words that people think of when they think of him} attached to lil gifts that represent the words. Cheesy? I think so & I ♥ it!

Everyone of our family members gave me two words and I seriously teared up receiving the words one by one while I was preparing the game. Some were funny, some sweet, some were just "so chris" and it made me really proud to be married to this guy.

He had to guess who said what words in order to open the present attached. And with his competitive nature it was really funny to watch him stress out about guessing correctly. But it was so much fun sitting there, the four of us {me, chris, Maddog {a.k.a Anthony who is Chris' college roommate that is living with us for a lil while. who we love having here btw.} and Hoosh} watching Chris read all these words about him that the people that know him best came up with. I live for moments like that. Well, those and the moments when he's dancing to songs in the background of commercials ;)

Example: One word was "protective" and this was the gift attached. Hahaha! Lil WWE thumb war fighters. And another word was "friend" and thats the friendship bracelet he's rockin :
Some more pics from the day. So mad at myself for not getting any good "fiesta" ones. But he's pretty studly in these ones...
Birthday boy in his morning glory! adore this pic.

Kit Kat Cake! He requested Chocolate with Chocolate. So I made 2 layers double chocolate with kit kats holding it together.

26 & 24 pic.

So Happy 26th to the man of the house! We didn't wanna stop celebrating so he's ditching his lil work trip this weekend so we can go on a birthday date to try out another new food place we found. Yes! I love marriage.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 Things

So I am super PANNOYED cus my nose is starting to run and I keep snotty sneezing and I just don't want to get siiiiiiiick. Can't my body just wait until Friday so I can finish work this week? Rude. So I am just trying to focus on the positive like the optimistic girl I am {why did I just hear each of my family members laughing when they read that?}. These are things I am L♥VING right now:

1. My Cricut- I'm in love. This CRICUT is not a creepy crawly is the ultimate personal electronic craft cutting machine. I mean...its so high tech that you just feel cool using it. My Parents in Law got it for me for my birthday!! My birthday isn't until March but my MIL decided I needed it when we were home for Christmas. AND she didn't get me just the standard 'color of an office copier' one...she got my the purple stylish one with an extra accessories kit!!! I am just rully rully excited 'bout this. So...after we packed all of our Christmas gifts in the suitcases we brought we didn't have any room for my Cricut so we had to ship it to ourselves. And it just came in the mail today while I was already at work so I am so excited to get home! EEEEE! Plan for my day off: cut myself some vinyl words for the wall and make some insanely cute thank you notes for everyone who got me a Christmas gift! I'll start with you Theo and Michelle! Tanks!

2. We are officially Arizonians...Arizonans...Zonies? I don't know what they are called but we are them. It was time for our SUV to get registered again so the Washington Plate came off and the Arizona plate {only 1...they don't do a front one..weirdos} went on. Plus we got our Arizona Driver's licenses last month. And we didn't change our clocks for daylight savings. So slap our butts and call us Zonies!

3. I am delighted to say that my husb has decided to not get an XBOX and games with his Best Buy gift card work bonus thing. Instead he got a surround sound speaker system blu ray player thing for the living room. And he decided that on his own without me even talking about how he plays XBOX too much because he wakes up in the middle of the night to do a draft on Madden. I think it's because he is turning 26 next week and he's feeling too old to play vid games. Whatev the reason...I am perfectly pleased. AND he just did a little dance around the living room because he finished setting it up and he's really excited! haha!

4. Hooshie's new favorite sleep spot is on our bed right in between us curled up into a little ball. And it's the cutest thing ever in life. Plus we washed him with delicious shampoo this week so he is extra soft and he smells amazing . It's like a living car air freshener...for our bed.

5. I got a new calling at church and now I am teaching CTR 5. Funny lil 5 year olds that say the darndest things. They crack me up and I am so excited to teach those cute guys.

6. I am only working a half day tomorrow but still getting paid for the full day. And my 'boss' gave me $50 steak i have delicious Ribeye in the fridge calling my name.

Now I am happy and feeling less sick. Rambling helps the snifflies.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty Eleven!

I'm lovin the fact that our holiday season doesn't end with Christmas. because that would just be depressing. annnd we like to keep the party going. We have our anniversary right after Christmas then New Year's then Chris' birthday then 3 of our sibling's bithday {which we will celebrate even though we're not with them}. & that's all within a month of Christmas! party on.

So henny-vay, I tote can NOT believe it is 2011 right now. Seems like just yesterday we were all freakin out because it was almost the year 2000 and all electricity everywhere was going to suddenly not exist or something weird and made up out of nowhere. I probably did about half of my 2010 to do list last year. This year I have some serious TO DO's that I am completely commited to doing NMW! Including {but not at all limited to} training for a HALF marathon, move into a house, start my new career, travel to New York. The list is long.

So to celebrate the brand spankin new year we were so excited that the newlyweds, Dad and Lisa, decided to drive down to these parts for a quick trip! & Our superfun cousins Lolo and Sum put on a rad NYE party and we partied the night away with tons of food, games, toasts and fireworks! Welcome to our lives 2011...can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Seriously, be good to us.

{Getting ready to ring in the New Year}

{This is how excited I am for 2011}

{And apparently this is husband's excited face...and his Mormon party drink}

{ We ♥ our first visitors of 2011! Had fun...tanks for coming Mr. & Mrs. Conner}

Saturday, January 1, 2011

down to the BL

While in wash we took a day to drive down to Bonney Lake for a special Christmas visit to our Smiths/Conners. I hadn't seen my mommy in like 8 months so it was definitey needed. And it was awe..wait for it...some. awesome! It was so weird to have our little teen sibs have boyfriends and girlfriends over but it was fun to have a house full of people to play with. We tried to start a new tradition and go Christmas bowling but the leaguers took over the alley so it turned into a game night for us. we're serious bout the games. While we were there we played blood & guts, Things, Charades, Christmas Bingo, & Just Dance. And of course we did gifts and had yummy food. Does it get better than that? Uh-don't think so.

M-Ville & the Hayes'

Christmas time was legen...wait for it...dary! Legendary. And by that I mean it was just a really fun time with lots of family, games, food and presents! We flew up to Washington and spent most of the time in Marysville with Chris' whole family. Each and every one of those Hayes peeps are hilarious. I feel like I was laughing the entire time.

Christmas morning we all had stockings filled to the BRIM. Seriously, my MIL {queen of packages} is apparently also the Queen of stocking stuffers. And gift giving. And spoiling us rotten! I loved seeing how Christmas happens...Hayes style. Everyone was so thoughtful and appreciative and it was just lov-a-ly.

I literally just started making a highlights list but I just had too many and couldn't decide which to use. But I will say that watching home movies from when the kids were little was probably my fave thing we did. loved seeing the little errie. & i don't think I have ever laughed harder {thanks to the girl's Britney Spears music video ;)} So I don't think I'm gonna have any problem remembering that it was an unforgettable week.

Kickoff to C-Mas

We are lucky duckies. we had 3 Christmases. Obvi only 1 REEEAL Christmas day...and that was in Marysville. But we had 3 celebrations. We started with our own lil Christmas here at our home before we took off on our Washington Christmas trip.

I made a roast beast and the rest of the makings for a feast. I sent the boys to the park for a Daddy Doggy walk and filled our stockings. 'Twas a perfect night. Chris gave us a Christmas devotional and we snuggled up to watch ELF {prob gonna be a Christmas traddy in our house} with cookies and hot choc. And we got to open all the gifts that had congregated under our tree from each other and our loved ones! I ♥ my family.

{so posed. had to get a shot of the Santa apron}
{out of everything in there I think the edible stuff is always babe's favorite}
{ I understand why he thinks he's a human!}