Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 Things

So I am super PANNOYED cus my nose is starting to run and I keep snotty sneezing and I just don't want to get siiiiiiiick. Can't my body just wait until Friday so I can finish work this week? Rude. So I am just trying to focus on the positive like the optimistic girl I am {why did I just hear each of my family members laughing when they read that?}. These are things I am L♥VING right now:

1. My Cricut- I'm in love. This CRICUT is not a creepy crawly creature....it is the ultimate personal electronic craft cutting machine. I mean...its so high tech that you just feel cool using it. My Parents in Law got it for me for my birthday!! My birthday isn't until March but my MIL decided I needed it when we were home for Christmas. AND she didn't get me just the standard 'color of an office copier' one...she got my the purple stylish one with an extra accessories kit!!! I am just rully rully excited 'bout this. So...after we packed all of our Christmas gifts in the suitcases we brought we didn't have any room for my Cricut so we had to ship it to ourselves. And it just came in the mail today while I was already at work so I am so excited to get home! EEEEE! Plan for my day off: cut myself some vinyl words for the wall and make some insanely cute thank you notes for everyone who got me a Christmas gift! I'll start with you Theo and Michelle! Tanks!

2. We are officially Arizonians...Arizonans...Zonies? I don't know what they are called but we are them. It was time for our SUV to get registered again so the Washington Plate came off and the Arizona plate {only 1...they don't do a front one..weirdos} went on. Plus we got our Arizona Driver's licenses last month. And we didn't change our clocks for daylight savings. So slap our butts and call us Zonies!

3. I am delighted to say that my husb has decided to not get an XBOX and games with his Best Buy gift card work bonus thing. Instead he got a surround sound speaker system blu ray player thing for the living room. And he decided that on his own without me even talking about how he plays XBOX too much because he wakes up in the middle of the night to do a draft on Madden. I think it's because he is turning 26 next week and he's feeling too old to play vid games. Whatev the reason...I am perfectly pleased. AND he just did a little dance around the living room because he finished setting it up and he's really excited! haha!

4. Hooshie's new favorite sleep spot is on our bed right in between us curled up into a little ball. And it's the cutest thing ever in life. Plus we washed him with delicious shampoo this week so he is extra soft and he smells amazing . It's like a living car air freshener...for our bed.

5. I got a new calling at church and now I am teaching CTR 5. Funny lil 5 year olds that say the darndest things. They crack me up and I am so excited to teach those cute guys.

6. I am only working a half day tomorrow but still getting paid for the full day. And my 'boss' gave me $50 steak vouchers....so i have delicious Ribeye in the fridge calling my name.

Now I am happy and feeling less sick. Rambling helps the snifflies.

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  1. Ahh I love the Cricut! You can do so many fun things with it! I got the Design Studio for Christmas so now I can combine my letters and move things all around and do whatev I want! Love! You should get it, if you don't have it already.


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