Sunday, January 30, 2011

and in sports news....

Let me just explain some solid facts real quick. Chris is a hardcore Celtics fan. I am a loyal Mavericks fan. Those are our teams no questions asked no matter what. That being said...since we are soaking up the whole Arizona experience...The Suns are our adoptive team...just so we can go to games and have someone to crazily cheer for and what have you. I mean....Nash has been my second favorite player in the league since he was a MAV...PLUS my favorite color is its fitting and it's fate.

So Chris and I redeemed him birthday present I got him and went to the Suns game on Wednesday night against the Bobcats. It was SO MUCH FUN. so much. Once in an arena i get extremely NBA obsessed. I'm obsessed with the whole atmosphere. And also once I get a single glimpse of someone famous...even just a wee nibble...i get extremely star struck.

So picture this....there we are a couple mins before tipoff and chris is reviewing player's stats and I'm gawking at...everything. Suddenly I spot the one earring wearing, security protected, all attention getting, Space Jam starring, shiny bald headed legend himself....the one and only...can you handle this...MICHAEL freaking JORDAN! Goodness gracious great balls of fire. He walks in and sits to watch his team {the bobs}. and we happen to be sitting behind the visitors bench....20 rows back but still. we were only 20 rows away from MJ! I stared at the back of his bald as can be head for at least half of the game waiting to obsess over his every move. after we got over the initial shock of being in the legends presence...i got back to marveling at the wonder that is Steve Nash {i love his nash-ty hair. haha}

During a time out we decide we need to text everyone that would care that we are in the same room as Michael Jordan. which would be our family membs and none else. My favorite response was from my brother...he texted back: "Throw something at him. The greatest basketball player in the history of all life as we know it. better do something to make him look at you."

hahahahahaha. only scottee. Meanwhile, my little sister responds by sending me pic messages of her outfit for the next day and asking my advice. ohhhh...the difference between boys and girls. joke....subway subs start falling from the ceiling with little parachutes attached to them. we didn't catch one but Chris looked at me in awe and said "I'm at an NBA game with my girl, Michael Jordan is sitting in front of us, one of my fantasy basketball players just scored for me and subway is falling from the sky. this is the best day ever". Hahahahaha. that guy.

we now have a life goal to own season tickets. muah!


  1. LOVE it! I can see ya;ll thinking and seeing all that

  2. ahh im so jealous! daman and i always say we need to go to an nba game, but it has never happened! college games are fun but i bet the nba games are ammmaaazing. i love chris's response to the day, haha so funny!


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