Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Curse of the Crafts

I have yet another curse. I like to call it...wait for it....The Curse of the CRAFTS! Remember when I was cursed with THIS? Same type o' deal here. I just started noticing a pattern. Call it what chu may...laziness...carelessness...but I call it an old fashioned curse.

So here's the deal. EVERYTIME I have been "crafting" {if you will} these past couple of months... something bad happens. Just to name a few: I get green paw prints tracked through my live room, I hot glue stained my pants, my wreath melted, and now...I 9th degree burned myself!

I was gluing the par-cheesy lil VDay trinkets to the wreath when I dropped some freshly hot glue enhanced lips onto my big toe!!! I let out a string of replacement curse words to help me deal with the momentary pain in Tammy the Toe. I ripped the lips off my toe {something I never thought I'd say} and beheld the disturbing scene. The hot glue PEELED the skin OFF my toe!!! How hot can that glue be? So now I have like a 9th degree burn and it hurts to shower and my stup dog keeps trying to lick it. not kidding. it's so nast. I took a pic JUST for this blog to make it more dramatic.

WARNING: this photo may or may not be as bad as I have made it out to be but the wetness of the injury will make you barf. And just remember...I didn't slice my toe with a cheese grater like it may look like...this is from a drop of hot glue!

Ewwwwwww. I know. I put a pic of my open wounded TOE on my blog for everyone to see. But what can I say...I like to keep it real. And I want everyone to feel bad for me. Send me Albertsons cookies if you do. Thanks. I'll keep you updated on the curse. It's getting pretty serious.


  1. Ill take your curse over mine any day... your toe is disgust! lets keep it safe peeps!

  2. holy 9th degree burn! must be bad..i've never even heard of it! :)


    i'm sorry but i'm dying laughing!!! STOP BEING SO FUNNY!!!!!! albertson's cookies ahjkdfhjkasdhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! "stup dog" LOL!!!!


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